Lunar Eclipse Monday 2:11 p.m. August 7.

By ananur forma | Aug 06, 2017
Photo by: Carol Miller Photos

you might be feeling it already- testing you to remain calm and let life be what it is... a classroom... I believe that planet earth is for our learning and expansion of Unconditional Love. All that is required is to..." keep on keeping on," by doing the best we possibly can, to let go of the past mistakes we've made, and learn and seek (and find) to be in the present moment to allow Divine Unconditional Love to flow to ourselves, and everyone and every living creature. Easy to love our pets, they don't argue and get defensive, well maybe some of them do? However, they love us no matter what- yet, in relationships - they end if one does not meet the other's expectations or personal needs, defined by the individual as what a relationship ...."ought to be." We forget that we cannot change others, only ourselves.


This particular Lunar Eclipse (full moon) is very personally connected to Donald Trump's natal chart. He was born with Leo Rising (based on birth time) and Mars in Leo smack dab on the Rising. What does that mean, you ask? It means that he is a strong personality who demands total loyalty no mater what: right or wrong. Period. We can see this easily. He has strong physical & strong sexual energy, determination, strong personal ego will, defiance, and would insist.... that he is right, and he is...according to his personal perspective!

With the Lunar Eclipse right there so directly touching his chart I suspect something is up and it will become evident and we will not know truth in this situation, until the Solar Eclipse new moon takes place on August 21. stay tuned. NOT believe what the media says as they will be tricked and deluded and not know what is really going on either.


*I'm still hoping Trump will announce, "I've had enough of this job. It is time for me to resign and go back to my own business, which is much more fun." or something similar like, "My family needs me at home."


this lunar eclipse will find us all bewildered at events that take place in our personal lives and in the grand scheme of things in the world. North Korea? personally try not to get angry and defensive in your personal relationships as that would be an obvious result of this energy. Be aware there are individuals seeking to manipulate and trick you (and me) at this time.

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