Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) July 27  at 4:20 p.m. We won't be able to view it, unless on tv or computer.

By ananur forma | Jul 27, 2018

This Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) is called a "blood moon" because it turns a reddish-brown color, is close to Earth, and will last longer... and it's also going to be very close to Mars. Since the Solar Eclipse two weeks ago, when I wrote, "the Lies and deception are so thick, you can cut it with a chainsaw, it turns out to be true! Trump's personal fix it man-attorney, Michael Cohen, is saving his own behind, by presenting what is asked for, that is... tapes he recorded of private sessions with Trump, which proves the lies are indeed very thick. Smart was he... to make tapes, in case Trump were to betray him.

I just hope that as a President, Trump has not set examples for young boys & men, to follow. Having no ethics or principles is not something to copy, or be proud of. Taking advantage of others who work hard- example his own daughter closing shop (her swanky clothing line) for many reasons.. but mostly I think, it's because of mistreating workers. I heard some of them interviewed on public radio saying they were paid so little they could not afford a home for themselves and their family- working for a TRUMP. You'd think Trump would be generous with all that money he has. At least I had imagined they (his family) would be generous, but not the case.  Enough of this.

This lunar eclipse, like all eclipses intensifies what is going on personally and world wide. Let the highest qualities within you shine forth- honesty, sincerity, generosity, kindness, compassion, and willingness to give of yourself in order to help others. Leave the past behind of doing and reacting and being what you imagine others expect of you and want you to be, which can hold you back from personal growth and evolution. The Moon/Mars energy is reactive, defensive and does not want to reveal any weakness. (well, duh... we all have some form of weakness, or we'd be Angels and not be here). There is however, danger at this time until Thursday, this has been in effect for a couple of days already, due to the fact that Uranus in Taurus, is in a difficult/challenging aspect to both the Sun and Moon/Mars. Be careful, thoughtful, don't take risks, and be aware that others are possibily out of balance and could create chaos. Drive thoughtfully.

*Don't cross the street where there are no cross walks, it's even more risky now. When you walk into the "cross walk," be careful too!!! Make eye contact with the driver who is apparently stopping for you.

The good that can come out of this? Changes. Making changes for truth, self improvement, caring for others, AND not over extending yourself.... because you're needed to remain healthy, not exhausted. Be well, stay well.



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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jul 27, 2018 15:50

You too be well and stay well. Love your column. Keep up the good words!

Mary "Mickey" (Brown) McKeever +:)

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