Love is not what Life has to give, Love is what we are to give to Life.

By Daniel Slack
Artwork by: Daniel Slack

I am a spontaneous traveler. If I am in the mood for an adventure, I might call you up at 10 o'clock at night and try to talk you into a road trip the next day, with each destination decided by the flip of a coin.


I am the kind of guy that likes to take enjoy the scent of flowers in the air, to feel the sun upon my brow, and to listen to the birds sing. I have traveled all over this world of ours, and I have found the only difference between people is their cuisine.


I enjoy all sorts of music, but I like Jazz the best. My favorite groups are Acoustic Ladyland, Jamie Cullum, Everything But The Girl, and Swingout Sister.


Sometimes, I like to brew a nice hot cup of tea, put on some Joe Pass, and just watch the moon form my window. It helps me remember how unimportant things can be in the larger scheme of things.


Too often, I have found myself not realizing when I am having a perfect moment till it has past. Sometimes it is the little things in life that can make bad day good.


I was born in Chico, CA and have seen many things in this world. The best way to make an opinion is to have your facts straight. Without accurate facts, then we cannot not have honest opinions.

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