Living on the South End of Rockland

By Heidi Steele

When living in the City of Rockland, you are often asked, "which side of the railroad tracks do you live on?"

The South End of town, which was once known as an industrial portion of the city, has seen numerous renovations and improvements over the past 15 years. With the relocation of Fischer Engineering back in the early 2000's to the clean up at Sandy Beach, the purchase and improvements at Sharps Wharf and opening of the marine center, to the rebuilding of the pier and boardwalk, addition of the boathouse and restaurant facility. It is a place that many locals feel is home and love the convenience of living on this end of town.

Talking with a local family, this is how she summed up the south end experience

"In 2003 my husband and I purchased our starter home in the south end of Rockland. The house is a beautiful craftsmen style home that is two blocks from the ocean. Thru the first year of owning the house we fell deeper and deeper in love with the area. Waking up to hearing the fog roll in and the boats coming into the harbor, to the sea gulls flying over the fishermen's catches at the wharf. Walking 5 minutes into town to shop, hit the restaurants and even get a quick coffee on our morning walks.

Eight years later, we have two children and now only use the house for the summer. Our summers are now spent walking around the south end, talking with our neighbors, gardening, taking long walks along the ocean, as well as quick 5 minute walk down to the boardwalk to enjoy dinner and a drink. When we are a little more adventures we head to Camden, Rockport, Owls Head or Lincolnville to play on one of their many beaches or to wander thru their shops. Rockland has so much to offer with all the shops downtown. You can pretty much find anything you need on Main Street. The ferry terminal is right off Main Street and a fun day trip to the island is a must."

Rockland will forever be viewed as a "hip" city, because of it's picturesque location, thriving Main Street and it's accessibility of public transportation, whether it be by rail, road, air or sea.