Littering on Harbor Park

Apr 22, 2011

On the Fourth of July the town of Camden is crowded with people celebrating, holding barbecues, and watching fireworks. Though these celebrations are fun, they have a negative impact on the beaches and wildlife surrounding our coastal areas. Littering has been a big issue in our town for many years. It happens everywhere, but we should try to make our town a cleaner and safer place for humans and animals alike.

In fifth grade, our class went to Rockport Harbor for a coastal cleanup day. It was mid-September, and while swimming weather had ended we encountered piles of trash near the old limestone mill.

Our action plan: A small group of eighth graders at Camden-Rockport Middle Schoolare choosing to do our community service at the beach and park to clean up trash. On June 15, we will be traveling to Harbor Park to fulfill our community service duties, we hope that this will have a long lasting positive effect on our park.

The animals in our community are also suffering greatly from the excessive amounts of trash on our beaches and in our parks. Sea animals, like ducks and seagulls, have started consuming litter such as plastic bags, parts of soda cans, and other harmful items. These terrible, planet-killing items can get stuck in their bodies and they can suffocate.

Teenagers, adults, and children have been visiting less. The trash has become a problem and less people want to come to Camden for vacation because of the trash. We hope that you respect our efforts on this project and continue to pick up your trash so that future generations can experience a clean world.


-- Maddie Karod, Bre Edgecomb, Keely O’Connell, Sasha Jones, Macy Buck, Violet B., and Lauren M.

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