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By Diane O'Brien | Jan 10, 2013
The deer are moving everywhere these days: we see their tracks all over the place. But Corelyn gets to see the deer themselves:

Municipal Meetings

All meetings are at Lincolnville Central School unless otherwise noted.

The Memorial Day Committee meets Thursday, Jan. 10, 5:30 p.m. at the town office.

The Cemetery Trustees meet on Thursday as well, at 6:30.

The Selectmen meet Monday the 14th at 6 p.m., meeting televised.

The Comprehensive Plan Review Committee meets Tuesday the 15th at 6:30 p.m.


The National Geographic Bee was held at the school just before Christmas vacation with Kyle Wood, Payton Foss, Kieran Lydon, Drew Kelly, Trey Gilson, Andy Pitcairn, Avery Grindle, Clara McGurren, Myia Hanson and Morgan Mercier participating. Congratulations to school champion Kieran Lydon, to Andy Pitcairn in second place and Myia Hanson in third. Kieran will take a written exam to qualify for the state level bee in April.

The PTO’s next Movie Night will be Friday, Jan. 25, featuring the movie “Ice Age, Continental Drift.” The movie is free, with refreshments for sale.

No Flu 4 You

Here are four recommendations from the Maine CDC via the school nurse to stay healthy through flu season this year:

1. Wash your hands frequently

2. Cover your cough; have you noticed that children have been taught to cough into their sleeve? Makes more sense than using your hand, as many of us were taught.

3. Stay home when you’re sick

4. Get vaccinated; the flu shot starts to protect in 14 days: there’s still plenty of flu season left after two weeks!

Fedco Seed Order

It’s actually time to start ordering seeds for next summer’s garden! A group order from Fedco Seeds is being put together with a Jan. 14 deadline. You must be able to order online at Fill out your order in the usual way; when you come to “shipping options” click “part of a group” and when asked for your group number it is 99054. Discounts are given for larger orders, e.g. 10 percent for an order of more than $100, 15 percent on orders more than $200 and so on. The order is being placed the 14th.

Center General Store

Jeremy and Marcie Howard, owners of the Center General, are inviting all of us in Lincolnville to join them at the Farmers’ Market (aka Grampa Hall’s, 6 Heal Road), Saturday, Jan. 19, at 11 a.m. to hear their plans for the store and to get our input. There’ll be coffee and tea: the Market vendors will have food on sale. Hope to see lots of people there!

Magazine Article

A couple of magazines that we never ordered find their way into our mailbox every month: one of them is Maine Home & Design. The latest features an article on A.E. Sampson & Son, Paul and Jula Sampson’s business. Though now located in Warren, the business was started on Moody Mountain Road by Paul’s father, Alan. It was fun to read about the genesis of their fine flooring and woodwork business. It sent me to their website — — where I learned a lot more.

Missing Edgar

Peg Miller mentioned one of the unexpected annoyances of getting older the other day: the inability to open containers. For quite a while now I’ve been cursing the diabolical people who design modern packaging – that impenetrable hard plastic that surrounds so many products these days; the silly seals inside the already sealed bottle of vitamins, or Pinesol or peanut butter; the pull tops on soup cans. I could go on and on. How much is insane over-packaging and how much my own weakening hands is debatable.

Peg’s solution for many years was to leave those impossible containers and packages on the kitchen table for her friend, Edgar Allen. He and Lucille would stop by Peg’s on the way to their Pitcher Pond camp and he‘d open whatever Peg had left for him. Sometimes it would be a turnip or a squash; he’d cut it open for her and leave it peeled and in pieces.

So yes, Peg misses Edgar who passed away several years ago; Lucille now lives with their daughter in southern Maine. But Peg’s grandson, Leigh, who lives up back of her Belfast Road house, is a good stand-in for Edgar; he’ll check in and see what his grandma needs opened!

In Corelyn’s Backyard

Although I’m sure that much of what goes on outside Corelyn Senn’s Cobbtown Road house is happening in all our backyards, most of us don’t have cameras trained on the scene and live-feeds into our computers like she does. So on a recent cold afternoon she wrote: “A spider just spun a line of web from the bird feeder up in the woods, climbed down it and then climbed back up into the feeder. How can it stand the cold? They often do that when it is warm but I've never seen it in weather like this. The temp is 19 and it only got to 32 today.”

Norm Walters was buzzed by a flock of waxwings the other days on their way to his roof where they sipped the melting snow. Meanwhile a broad-winged hawk sat nearby, apparently uninterested in them.

Judie Hazen, up on High Street, reports having a bird not usually seen in this area, a red bellied ladder back woodpecker. Has anybody else seen this beautiful bird? Also, the Hazens have many evening grosbeaks which they haven’t had for a few years, and lots of doves, bluejays, titmice, nuthatches. chickadees, along with an occasional crow here and there because the neighbors feed them lots of bread! The secret to their success in attracting so many species must be the seven feeders which are kept full and three suet feeders.

Tracks in the Snow

Wally and I got out to Tanglewood to ski for the first time in at least two years. Last year hardly counts, since except for the pre-Halloween storm, we had no snow! This morning we went along the road and then back the same way, discovering that a bobcat had bounded across the road between our coming and going!

Deer tracks are everywhere now that the snow’s here, including sign of them bedding down in the Tanglewood garden at Carvers Corner (Slab City and Ducktrap roads). Coming home along Slab City the other night we were startled by three deer standing right in the shoulder of the road. At first glance I thought they were plump ponies!

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