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By Diane O'Brien | Dec 20, 2012

Municipal meetings

All meetings are at Lincolnville Central School unless otherwise noted.

The Planning Board meets Wednesday, Dec. 26, at 7 p.m.; the meeting will be televised.


The town office will close at noon Christmas Eve, and be closed on Christmas. The next week the office will be closed for New Year's Day.

Partners for Enrichment

For 14 years, Partners for Enrichment, a volunteer nonprofit group has provided arts and science enrichment to the Appleton, Hope and Lincolnville schools. This year’s programs include an all schools performance of the Belfast Maskers’ “The Wise Men of Spider Creek;” Whales on Wheels from College of the Atlantic; wildlife visitors from Wind over Wings; a conflict resolution residency with Scott Cannon; and the annual Author’s Day which brings award-winning Maine authors and illustrators into the three schools.

Partners for Enrichment is funded by donations from all of us. The saying “Think Globally, Act Locally” certainly applies here. You can send a donation to them at Partners for Enrichment, 721 Camden Road, Hope, ME 04847. And a big thank you to community members of our three towns who make up this great organization:

Wendy Thatcher-Hall, Jane Cummons, Ann Bresnahan, Carol Chater, Heidi Baker, Ann McKittrick, Debbie Burns, Molly Cole, Katie Butler, Coral Coombs, Illya Gleasner, Jennifer Drawbridge, Erin Moody, Linda Grace, Linda Moran, Carrie Laurita, Caitlin Harrington, Cheryl Morin, Maureen Scott and Jane Young.

Holiday Market & Library

This Saturday, the 22nd, the Farmers’ Market at the corner of Heal Road and Main Street should be a busy, lively place as the food vendors are joined by craftsmen selling their wares. Come by for a cup of coffee, browse through the more than 1,000 (!) books already cataloged in our new library and shop!

Taize Service

The fourth Sunday afternoon Advent program at United Christian Church will take place Dec. 23, at 4 p.m., a Taize service featuring singing meditation, selected readings and silent prayer with music by Mary Schulien and Jean Goldfine. Free will donation. For more information call 763-4526.

Christmas Eve Services

United Christian Church hosts its Christmas Eve Candlelight service at 4 p.m., Monday the 24th.

And Bayshore Baptist’s Candlelight service will be at 6 p.m. the 24th. Note that this is a new time for Bayshore’s Christmas Eve.

Book Review

Liz Hand’s latest book, “Errantry: Strange Stories,” was reviewed in the Dec. 10 issue of The Washington Post. Reviewer Aimee Bender writes “Elizabeth Hand’s stories in “Errantry” are strange, yes (the book is even sub­titled “Strange Stories”), but they are also classically engaging, tales you could read aloud around a fire late at night to induce trembles and sighs.” Sounds like “Errantry” could be a great Christmas present for the readers on your list, a book to while away a winter’s stormy day…

New Studio, New Website

Jimena Lasansky, who taught many of our town’s students at her dance studio in Lincolnville, is now in her new studio on Old County Road in Rockport. Visit her new website at — best of luck Jimena!


A reader in Knox called the other day wondering why I haven’t had any animal stories recently. I told her I hadn’t heard any! Corelyn Senn on Cobbtown Road has seen in the past couple of weeks, via her wildlife cameras, a fisher, a weasel and a fox. Any other sightings out there?

Our bird feeders have seen a lot of activity by the usual suspects: chickadees, nuthatches, blue jays, a hairy woodpecker. The goldfinches and titmice, which were hanging around a few weeks ago, seem to have moved on.

Christmas Again

It’s a funny thing about Christmas: the anticipating, preparing, the waiting – it’s the same every year. The old ornaments come out, some so shabby as to be unrecognizable, others as shiny and sparkly as ever. My mother’s fruitcake recipe is nearly illegible, but I’ll follow it to the letter anyway, fruitcake jokes notwithstanding. We cut the tree up at Jean English’s on Slab City last week, for probably the 20th time, maybe more. The stockings are already hung, the earlier the better to get rid of the mothball smell. Wally’s made his annual pilgrimage to The Chocolate Drop in Belfast, the gold coins from Reny’s are safely tucked away for the children’s stockings and he’s trying to get me to reveal where I hid the bottle of baking bourbon.

Maybe that’s what the magic is all about – the reassuring sameness of ritual. Even as our families change every year – people added and subtracted through birth and death, divorce and new partners, through travel and re-locations – we keep the rituals. A new widow puts up her tree alone for the first time, another adjusts to the rhythm her adult children follow. One family celebrates together two weeks early to accommodate work schedules – hospital workers, for example, don’t always get "The Day" off.

However you’re celebrating this year, I wish you a peaceful holiday season.

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