Lincolnville, be proud

Apr 25, 2012

We applaud the town of Lincolnville for its efforts to come together as a community. The collaboration between several groups — without any formal agreements or motivation such as grant money — harkens back to days when communities were just that: neighbors working together toward a common goal to benefit everyone. Each of the groups involved in efforts to revitalize Lincolnville are doing so cooperatively and voluntarily.


It is not easy for large groups of people to come together, and especially to agree. By all appearances, all groups involved in moving the Center School House have spent little time disagreeing and instead focused on the end goal — moving the school and creating a library for the community.


At the same time, new owners of Lincolnville Central General Store also are seeking to create a community feel as well. By offering goods locally in the center of town, they too are contributing to creating a central location for townspeople to shop, read and gather.


Also commendable are efforts to be sustainable. According to groups involved there are plans for “green” redevelopment, highlighting another aspect of Lincolnville's increasingly-stronger emerging personality. In addition, though reuse of historic buildings to create community spaces is not a new idea, it remains a good one.


The happenings in Lincolnville should not belittle the accomplishments of Camden, recently named a Maine Downtown Network Community. While the internal workings are different, Camden also is seeking to create a more community-oriented downtown.


As a destination, Camden already has established its own identity and only hopes to polish its image further as a Maine Downtown Network Community. Though both neighboring communities are unique in their own way, we feel Lincolnville — with its self-sustaining initiative — is likely see greater benefit and community pride in the end. The town's sense of accomplishment after reaching the goal could easily lead to other initiatives.


Lincolnville has an opportunity to create an image of its own making, projecting the desired feel to people who may have never even heard of the small Midcoast town and we hope the momentum will continue in the same positive direction.

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