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Silvios Ride Oct 26, 2017

Lincoln Continental 2018

Silvio Calabi is back with another vehicle review. This week: the 2018 Lincoln Continental.

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Posted by: Roger Tranfaglia | Jun 15, 2018 16:44

Another lifetime, last century, we had 5 (FIVE), Continentals parked in the back of our house! Different family members and friends were visiting us one weekend afternoon. My dad was ENAMORED of them. We had 2 for a couple of years, one each for my parents. Mom's first one was FIRE ENGINE RED, convertible with the big BULLETS up front! 1960/1961 a loonnngggg time ago.

Anyway, Silvio, Ill take that keyfob any old day, especially if its paired with a car like that one!!!

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