With foundation complete, Library construction set to move forward

By Gabriel Blodgett | Oct 08, 2019
Source: Town of Rockport Workers pour the final segment of the foundation of the Rockport Public Library.

Rockport — The first phase of Rockport Public Library construction was completed Monday, Oct. 7, as the final section of the foundation was poured.

According to a town press release, over the next three months, Phi Builders will be working to build the floor deck and get the building closed in before winter.

According to the most recent Library Construction Report written by former Town Manager and project consultant Rick Bates, with perimeter drains installed around the finished portions of the foundation, Farley & Son has begun backfilling around the foundation, which “will start to look very different as much of the exposed concrete will get covered.”

He did caution, however, that the resulting ground level is “not the final grade, as the landscape architect is still developing the landscaping plan.”

Bates added that there are still retaining walls, walkways and other changes to Limerock street that will hide more of the foundation on that side of the building.

With the final pour complete, Starbird Foundations of Warren will now begin demobilization and removal of the forms around the foundation..

According to Bates, bar joists and steel decking were delivered Sept. 30 and structural steel will be delivered Oct. 14. Upon arrival, the structural steel will immediately begin to be placed by Reed Devoe of Eagle Lake. After that is completed, bar joists and metal decking will be installed and concrete will be poured over the decking. The completion of this portion is estimated to be Nov. 1.

At that point, wall framing will begin, which Bates said will progress quickly in the effort to get the walls up and the roof on before winter sets in. He said that many of the materials are already on-site or readily available, which should limit any delays.

Once the building is closed in, the press release states “workers from Phi Builders and several sub-contractors will be constructing the interior of the library, installing all the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.”

The brick façade and windows will wait until spring, when the weather gets warmer.

The town has begun publishing weekly library updates on the homepage of its website along with an archive of previous reports. Those interested in receiving the reports by email can write to Executive Assistant Diane Hamilton at dhamilton@rockportmaine.gov.

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