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Feb 07, 2013

Help if possible

I received a call this afternoon from Pinny Bebee-Center,the director of Penquis, that all of the LIHEAP funds allocated for Knox County for the 2012-2013 years have been distributed to those families and individuals that qualified. The funds that Penquis will have available to distribute to those in need for the remainder of winter will come from funds that we raise or that others may donate to Penquis for this purpose.

With that grim news I ask that each and all that please consider whatever that you feel that you can afford to give to please do so. Please make your checks to Penquis with Help Heat Homes in the reference line and mail them to me at P. O. Box 867, Rockport, 04856. We all know that February and March are generally our toughest months of winter so please help all you can. If you have any questions, please contact me at 236-8625 or my cell is 593-2223 and email is jandolcater@yahoo.com

Jan Dolcater



Sidewalks do exist

This past week you had a historic picture of the business block on Thomaston's Main Street on your editorial page. The caption under the photograph explained that the planks of wood shown were there to allow people to make their way into the businesses because there "were no sidewalks." This is incorrect. There is a wooden sidewalk clearly visible on the left side of the photo in front of the business' doors. The planks of wood you highlighted were there to give shoppers a clear path over the raised grade between the road, were the horses and carriages traveled, up to the higher elevation of the wooden sidewalk and entrance to the businesses there.

Eve Anderson

Former president (1996-2002)

Thomaston Historical Society


Where does it end?

The National Rifle Association in my opinion has stepped in it this time when it comes to the children of the President of the United States. To stoop so low as to drag the protection of his children down to speak of. The idea that the children cannot get simple basic protection in our schools, etc.

Our children would not need protection in our schools or anywhere else for that matter if we left our weapons that we own locked up and only use them for target practice or hunting. Period.

I now have to ask the National Rifle Association and any other agency, would they be willing to foot the bill in paying for the cost of providing every school in the United States with armed certified guards with the minimum being four in each school?

Now I will also ask this question, and yes I know I will hear about it from every angle there is, where does it say that it is a God given right to own a weapon of any kind? The only right that I am aware of is our freedom to choose between good and evil.

We as human beings really need to stop and think about one thing and that is no one can take anything with them to the grave or beyond.

For the record, again, I am not against owning a weapon, but lets make it clear no one needs an assault weapon in their home. Period.

But if you do own one than take it and get it fixed so it cannot be fired. For the sake of our children, let's use our heads and end this obsession of what we should or should not have.

Robert J. Robinson



Bring a smile

How often have you been thanked for the job you have done?

Have you ever needed a police or fire person?

They do their best to protect us, putting their very lives on the line to help us. Military people also.

They get a very small amount of pay for such a job.

Military people and families are separated to do their job.

Have you ever though of going up and thanking them.

It brings a smile. They need this please.

Phil 1:3

Marlene S. Erskine


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