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Jan 03, 2013

Union Tea Party supports proposed bid opening policy

During the Union selectmen meeting Dec. 18 a discussion on a bid opening policy was held. The current procedure for opening bids is performed by the town manager in front of the town office staff and any bidders or town residents who can be there during business hours. At a previous selectmen meeting, a town resident recommended that the bids be opened at the selectmen meeting in front of the town's people. Lyle Cramer, selectmen, wrote a new draft policy to reflect the town resident's suggestions. Greg Grotton, selectmen, was in favor of opening bids in the evening at the selectmen meeting pending review of bid requirements so the town manager can go forward. Greg Grotton stated he does not want people to think the selectmen are hiding anything. Sara Moore, selectmen, agreed with Greg Grotton that bid openings should be in public to let people know what we are doing. Buddy Savage, chairman of the select board, thought the town resident presented the public bid opening suggestion in a "bullying" fashion; but, stated he could go either way — opening bids by the town manager in front of the town office staff or opening the bids at the selectmen meeting in front of the town residents. Buddy Savage also stated that by changing it (the bid policy) the board is saying it (the current policy) is broken. Jim Justice, selectmen, said he was upset at the "bullying" tactic by the town resident and stated "bullies" should not be rewarded; but thought bids should be open to the public. Buddy Savage, chairman, asked for a vote which was three in favor and two opposed to the new draft bid policy. It has come to the attention of the Tea Party that some towns around Union open bids at their selectmen meetings in front of the public. The Tea Party, therefore, is in favor of having bids opened in the evening at the selectmen meeting in front of the public and the bidders.

Doris Vertz

Tea Party member


A divided nation

I write this in reference to the ongoing, non-stop gun debate issue and the Second Amendment on ownership of a weapon.

It amazes me that as soon as someone started talking about drawing up a law that would ban the sale of assault weapons. Sales went through the roof and "wham" we ended up with more guns going out the door and for what?

And in the news, the on-going issue goes on and in steps the president of the National Rifle Association to defend, if you will, the right of ownership.

Also prior to this I heard a person come out and say "it is my God given right to own a gun." I now have a question for this question: give me one human being to show me in writing where it says that the Lord, our God, says that.

I know that the Bible clearly says "thou shall not kill." Now I will insert that our Lord and Savior paid a price so that no human being could ever repay and that is he died on the cross for every human being to save us from our sins, the reason for this is because we all sin, period. There is not one perfect human being living today.

Now I will say this: it is not a God-given right to own a gun, it is a man-made right based on a document drawn after this great nation was being formed and that is called the Constitution of the United States.

I will again add this: You want to end the gun violence in this great country, than I say bring back the death penalty and use it and at the same time have the news media air it from the beginning to the end.

We all want our freedom, but I have this question: What price are you willing to pay to have this freedom?

In the end, I will say this: There is coming a day when we will have to face one thing and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we will be held accountable for everything we ever said and did in life.

The bottom line is this: we will never come to an acceptable solution on this issue until we face what we believe in and I will ask this: do you believe in our Lord and Savior or do you believe in what man thinks is right?

Robert J. Robinson

United States Army Retired



Penobscot School of Rockland would like to thank its students and faculty and all of Rockland's kind residents who helped welcome our 2012 exchange teacher, Ezio Romeo, and particularly those involved in hosting him. Romeo led the Italian department for 10 months, since February 2012. He has sent word that he is safely returned to his home and family in Acireale in Sicily. Mille grazie a tutti voi, amici!

Patti Luchetti

Penobscot School


Rankin Center thanks community

The Rankin Center’s activity group was thrilled to welcome so many members of our community into our building for our annual Craft Fair and Auction. The event was a great success, thanks to the many donors and volunteers who generously gave their donations and time to support valuable activity programs for seniors and individuals with disabilities. The Rankin Center would like to give a special thanks to Bruce and Becky Gamage for making the auction fun and successful.

The Rankin Center would also like to thank the following donors: Webber Energy Fuels, Eastern Tire, Hoboken Gardens, Knox Brothers Auto, Mr. Tire, Rockland Ford, Shepherd’s Auto, Sisters Two Hair Design, Home Depot, KFC, Mic Mac Market, Athens Pizzeria, Fresh off the Farm, Jessie’s Market, Oyster River Trap Co., Snappy’s Pizza, Willow Bake Shoppe, Knight’s Marine, Monhegan Boat Line, Owl’s Head Transportation Museum, Park Street Laundry, Plants Unlimited, Timeless Treasure, Trade Winds Health Club, Yo Mamas, Moody’s Diner, The Offshore Restaurant, EBS, Hannafords, Pet Quarters, Renys, The Store, Captain Lindsey House, Coastal Fuel, Down East Book, Jeff’s Marine, Rockport Automotive, Rockport Diner, Rockland Golf Course, Lakeview Veterinary, Maces, Wasses Hot Dogs, Mt. Pleasant Dental, Loyal Biscuit, Oakland Park Lanes, Sysco, Puffins Nest, Reading Corner, Meklin & Sons, Corson's Auto, Best Rate Towing, Just Friends Hair Design, Out On A Whimsey, The Brown Bag, George Holmes Jeweler, The Personal Book Shop, PDQ, Marriner’s Grill, EL Spear, Good Tern Coop, Alexia’s Pizza, Chase's Daily, Head Turners Hair Design, Domino's Pizza, Tim Horton's, Thomaston Grocery, Dunkin Donuts, Shelley’s Flowers, Chamber's Jewelers, George Hall & Sons, Burger King, Green Thumb, Fiore's, Highland Coffee Shop, Maritime Energy, Auto Zone, Rockcoast Sports, O' Hara's, and Walmart

Michelle Moschkau

Enrichment Activities Director, rankin Center


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