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Dec 13, 2012

Not tolerant of message

I am writing this in response to Rockland Gothic writer, David Grima. In his Nov. 29 column, he seemed to have been lamenting our "protected speech" or at least the biblical content of it. Either he has been getting wrong information about our church's activity out on the street or the word of God has pricked his heart and convicted him of his standing before God.

We have been out on the street for about eight years in the Rockland area and at Park and Main for at least six months, not just since the "gay marriage" vote. Our message has always been the same. Our scripture signs quote verses of hope and salvation as well as verses that warn of judgment for rejecting Jesus Christ. Jesus himself did the same, as recorded in the four Gospels. He preached of the love of God but also warned of the judgment and wrath to come should the gift of salvation be rejected and he did so publicly. Mr. Grima's problem with what we are doing all boils down to a matter of tolerance. He is not tolerant of our message.

Tolerance is defined as the power of enduring by not restraining or preventing.

Tolerance is not a one way street. It must be practiced both ways otherwise it becomes the attempt to abridge free speech. You can't have your cake and eat it too. As individuals who possess the constitutional right of free speech, we have the freedom and opportunity to express our consciences, and by the way, so do you. The problem comes in when a group of people (those with liberal elitist attitudes), in the name of political correctness, decides that they are the compass for all of our consciences and that only if your belief system lines up with theirs are they tolerant of you. Tolerance then becomes a one way street and defies the very nature and law of the definition of tolerance and stifles free speech.

It's actually somewhat humorous that Mr. Grima would use the word "odor" to describe our "righteous objection." He is proving the truth of God as recorded in the Bible... 2 Corinthians 2:15-16, "For we are unto God a sweet savour (odor) of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish: To the one we are a savour of death unto death; and to the other the savour of life unto life..."

Pastor Mike Kee

For His Glory Bible Baptist Church



Family fun at Thomaston tree lighting

What fun we had at the Thomaston Tree Lighting on Dec. 1. The festivities began with a free Music Together class led by Jess Day and a free Yoga for Kids class led by Jessica Shepard and sponsored by the Thomaston Yoga Studio. The smiles on everyone’s faces were priceless. At 6 p.m. I headed to the Main Street Mall with my family and was delighted to see a large crowd gathered around the Christmas tree. Soon Santa arrived by fire engine thanks to the Thomaston Fire Department, the tree was lit and we enjoyed singing carols with the help of David and Gigi Hynd.

The celebration continued at the Highlands Coffee House where owners Sean and Tracey graciously hosted the event with the added sponsorship of Camden National Bank. The staff was dressed as Santa’s helpers and Santa posed for photos and handed out goodie bags in the old bank vault. Kella River and Scott played holiday music and entertained the large crowd that turned out. Cookies and cocoa were available, and Dena’s Barefoot Book Nook offered a book display for those looking to do a bit of shopping. Guests were treated to giveaways from local businesses that included: Terra Optima Farm, Thomaston Yoga Studio, The Highlands Coffee House, The Personal Book Shop, Athens Pizzeria, Midcoast Music Together, RiverArts Music and Therapy, and Dena’s Barefoot Book Nook. Many thanks go to all the businesses and individuals mentioned above and to Mike Mayo for creating signs, Peter Lammert for lighting the tree, Aimee SanFilippo for helping publicize the event at Lura Libby School, and Hank Carey for playing a very special role that night.

Thank you especially to everyone in Thomaston who came out on a very chilly night to celebrate the season and spend time together as a community. If you would like to participate in the Thomaston Children’s Festival in May or next year’s Tree Lighting event, please let me know. You can see photos of the evening at facebook.com/ThomastonTreeLighting.

Dena Davis



Spirited event

I am writing on behalf of the Oceanside Girls Club Lacrosse Team, to express our sincere gratitude to all those who made our Oceanside Girls Club Lacrosse Biathlon a fun and spirited fundraising event. As with the philosophy of the game of lacrosse, each individual player, no matter how strong or weak, big or small, is an important part of the team and game. Due to the generosity of many, in funds, time, willingness to promote and the work involved to make this event happen, we all worked in much the same way to benefit the Red Cross and our club program.

To our sponsors: Rheal Day Spa, Puffin's Nest, Todd Simmons Lobster Wharf Inc., Brooks Trap Mill, Black Parrot, George Holmes Jeweler, The Store, R&D Trash, Varney Agency, Seagull Cottage, Farnsworth Art Museum, Side Country Sports, Craig M. Fowlie Builders, Frantz Furniture, A.M. Plumbing & Heating, Inc./Fixtures Design Plumbing Showroom, Gushee Rentals, John Jacob Landscaping, Norton & Masters, Claybrook's Landscaping, Domino's Pizza, Park St. Grill, The Embroidery Shop, Athens Mediterranean Pizza.



To Jason and Teel Foster, along with the Crossfit volunteers, for their time, energy and excitement for the event as a whole and for putting the Crossfit piece together and guiding and encouraging the racers through the Crossfit course.

To Bob and Lynn Snow for their help in race organization and moral support.

To Jeff Benner and Aimee Chase who stepped in to help flag the course when asked.

To Adrian Hall of Maine Printing, who put up with changes, lots of emails, and bad jokes from the czar of lacrosse.

To Wayne Judkins and Paula Jean Lunt who gave race numbers, water jugs and signage for the runners and course.

To Jane Fairbanks for the use of her hot water pots.

To Don Shields  for graciously willing to talk up our event on his radio show. Not to mention the wonderful press coverage by our local paper and sports staff.

To Jeff Benner (again) and the Rockland Public Works, for safety vests and cones to keep our flaggers and runners safe.

To the Town of Thomaston and Thomaston police for allowing us to “run the town”.

To Larry Schooley for the ease of operation in allowing us to use Oceanside High School West as our venue for this event.

To Eastern Tire Service (aka my wonderful brothers) for copious amounts of photocopies they allowed me to run off and for being the rendezvous point for pickups and drop offs.

To the race participants who braved the elements, challenged themselves and finished in high spirits.

To our ardent lacrosse parents for their unwavering support, enthusiasm and trust .

To the young ladies who make up this wonderful group, who have worked hard to make sure we are on our way to being self funded for another year of play, not to mention our donation to the American Red Cross for Sandy Disaster Relief, and for enjoying and loving the game so much.

Angela Vachon, Coach

Oceanside Girls Club Lacrosse




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