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Nov 08, 2012

Truly special event

The Episcopal Church of St. John Baptist in Thomaston was transformed for two hours into a cabaret during Saturday’s (Oct. 13) concert featuring The Sweetest Sounds led by producer/pianist John Mulcahey and singers Andrew Fenniman and Nancy Durgin. The church’s Outreach Program benefited from these wonderful musicians who donated their time and talent singing songs of Richard Rogers and Irving Berlin. All associated with St. Johns are sincerely grateful to John, Andrew and Nancy for their generosity. It was an evening that will long be remembered as a truly special event.

David Percival

St. John Special Events Committee


Welcome back Bonnie

Bonnie is back at the Hannaford pharmacy after several months away for medical reasons. All the pharmacy customers welcome her back on the job and there are some who call her by her first name. That's because she's been there for several years. We all that do business at Hannaford pharmacy wish her good health in the days of the future. Welcome home (away from home) Bonnie.

Gordon Wotton



Cat care

I write this letter to your office in hopes of getting a letter printed. This is about ownership of pets (namely cats) and the issue that has been brought out in the open about this very subject.

For the record, if you have a cat come onto your property and it is friendly, willing to be petted, held, etc., do not assume that it has been abandoned. First, check to see if there is anything around the neck, such as a collar with tags or a flea collar. If these are present, then please do not feed it or hold onto it.

But if you have a cat that comes around and does not have anything on it, then contact the animal shelter in your area and also contact your local animal control officer and check your surrounding neighborhood to find the owner.

Now for the record, if you have a cat or cats handing around that will not allow you to approach it or them they may be part of a program that is known as the trap-neuter-release program. This means cats in the area are being trapped and then released back into the area after being fixed only to be fed by those in their area. But again, check your local shelter for any information.

Now if you are a cat owner and your cat goes outdoors and it will roam, please do not think for a moment that your cat is O.K. with just a collar or a flea collar, get it micro-chipped for your protection and its protection becasue in the end it may be the only way to identify the owner.

For the record, I have come across an area where male cats only are disappering and this is for the present time. Again this is male cats only for now.

If you have any questions, please contact your local shelter, your law enforcement agency and local animal control officer.

The bottom line is this takes all steps necessary to make sure your pet can be identified as to ownership if it comes up missing such as tags with name, address and phone number and get it micro-chipped.

For the sake of your pet, do what is needed to protect your pet from being lost or stolen.

Robert J. Robinson

Animal Control Officer

Thomaston, South Thomaston


Dim those headlights

Yes, there are good car or truck drivers on our highway and byways today, but there are some that forget that on the vehicle that they are driving,  it has a high and low beam for the headlights. When coming toward an approaching vehicle after dark, some forget to use it.

Yes, we all forget after dark to set our headlights at times — all drivers please remember to dim our lights when some other driver is coming toward you on our highways, also during a rainy night. Thank you.

Gordon Wotton



Like a lion

This letter is to the person or persons who removed two lion statues from our property Oct. 29. You must have noticed the breast cancer bandanas they were wearing. They were placed there by my husband in memory of his daughter Natalia. Like a lion she fought a brave and courageous battle with breast cancer. Unfortunately she lost her battle. When we woke up Tuesday morning to find them missing, we felt very violated but more so deep sadness. We have asked our friends and neighbors to keep an eye out for them. We also ask for their return by whoever took them. Their only value was the comfort they gave us in memory of Natalia. We have Natalia in our hearts forever and if taking those lions makes you feel more of a person to yourself, then may God bless you.

Emilie Mazzeo



Train service to Rockland

With the expansion of the Downeaster to Brunswick, and the overall success of the train, Amtrak and NNEPRA should look next into the feasibility of expanding service to Rockland. With relatively little investment, Maine could easily and quickly expand its passenger rail service along the Midcoast to increase tourism, mobility, road safety, and private investment. The Eastern Maine Railroad currently operates on the Rockland branch (Brunswick to Rockland) with a scenic train during the summer. However, the communities along the line and Route 1 could undoubtedly benefit from regular rail service. First and foremost, any mass transit that has the ability to take pressure off Route 1 should be considered. Secondly, the Maine DOT rebuilt the line not that long ago, allowing the current scenic train to operate around 50 mph. The costs of new platforms are relatively cheap and could be built quickly in the communities along the rail line. With upgraded signal systems and rail crossings, the train could be quickly and efficiently whisking people up the Midcoast. With high volumes traffic up the Midcoast, a rebuilt rail line between Brunswick and Rockland, and Amtrak’s resources, expanding daily Downeaster service to Rockland is a natural fit.

Eben Sweetser



Victorian Tea, Breast Health Fair a success

On Thursday, Oct. 25, more than 100 guests attended our ninth annual Victorian Tea and Breast Health Fair organized by Pen Bay Healthcare's Picker Family Resource Center. Held at the beautiful Berry Manor Inn on Talbot Avenue in Rockland, it was a wonderful event full of fun and learning opportunities. We are grateful to our hosts Mike La Posta and Cheryl Michaelson, owners of the Berry Manor Inn and their remarkable crew who supported us all day long. And a special thanks to their guests who vacated their lovely rooms for our use. Once again, thank you chef Jeff Space of Pen Bay Medical Center for preparing an elegant tea with traditional sweets and savories.

All three floors of the inn, plus both floors of the Carriage House and 83 Granite St. were filled with opportunities for guests to gain insight into better self-care and learn more about healthy lifestyle choices. Many of the guests wore tea hats and some were in full Victorian regalia — it was grand! In the main house, guests visited with a wide range of experts who were on-hand to offer information from breast self-exam to acupuncture. Naturopathic physician Barbara MacDonald presented a survivors' workshop “What You Can Do To Help Prevent a Recurrence of Breast Cancer and Feel Great While Doing It."

The Carriage House offered opportunities for guests to experience a wide variety of therapeutic body work modalities, or attend workshops from Chair Yoga with Erika Manning or learn about delicious green smoothies and non-dairy ice cream with whole foods Chef MiMi McGee. Dee Bielenberg, owner of City Drawers in Belfast offered bra fitting workshops and assessments.

Thank you to all the wise women who shared their knowledge and skills with our guests. Registered dietician Eileen Molloy was there to offer information about early intervention and prevention of diabetes to folks who came with a question or concern. Adrienne Gallant from Let’s Go! 5-2-1-0 and Donna Ames, RN from the ZING! Program offered information to help parents and teens learn how to manage weight through healthy food choices and physical activity. Karen Searls provided Jin Shin Jyutsu pulse assessments and offered ideas for self-help. Molly Kivus from the Pen Bay Cancer Care Center offered information about skin cancer. Nicki Powell-Fiske was there to help survivors with hats, wigs and scarves and Sandy Bodamer from the Penobscot Bay YMCA demonstrated practical fitness and conditioning options for everyone. We also want to thank the very popular and wonderful body workers, Sherrie Clark, Susan Miller, Abi Morrison, Eileen Murray, Michelle Nettles, Julianna Pfeiffer, Tami Rogers and Amy Wadsworth. Physical therapist and lymphedema specialist Nicole Wigglesworth from Pen Bay Medical Center offered resources to breast cancer survivors. Nurse Linda Zeigler offered in-depth breast self-exam instruction using the excellent MammaCare teaching models.

Thank you Berry Manor Inn, Hoboken Gardens, RHEAL Day Spa, Sogno Salon, Dena Davis of Barefoot Books for offering gift certificates or door prize items. A special thanks to Connie Welt for the donation of beautiful antique tea cups and to the Samoset for loaning your elegant tea urns. Deep appreciation goes to Boy Scout Troop 215 and Girl Scout Troop 2117 for volunteering their time and cheerful assistance. Thank you to the Lincoln Street, McLain and MacDougal schools for sharing your parking lot with us. Special thanks to Scott Ewen from the Knox Center for Long Term Care for providing bus shuttle service to and from the Inn to the parking area.

Finally, we wish to thank our volunteers and Pen Bay Healthcare colleagues who kept things running smoothly: Wendelanne Augunas, Franny Bateman, Sherry Gagne, Patty Kitchen, Maura Kelly, Pam Tibbetts, Nicole den Ouden, Betsy Saltonstall and Eric Waters.

The Victorian Tea Planning Committee

Pen Bay Healthcare


A community thanks

On Thursday, Nov. 1, Waldoboro's Soule Shuman Memorial VFW Post, hosted a very successful bingo and benefit for the Kevin Murray Memorial Fund. The fund, managed by the Medomak Valley Community Foundation, helps provide recreational equipment, supplies and scholarships to children in need.

The VFW Post members John Blodgett and Becky Maxwell ran the bingo program and the post generously donated the $157 to the memorial fund. The Post’s Ladies Auxiliary also donated the kitchen to members of the Community Foundation’s Fund Raising Committee allowing them to raise an additional $221 for the fund. I also thank Ben Vail, Scott Murray, Sue Murray, Kyle and Cindy Santheson, Bill and Carol Blodgett, Jim Letteney, Pam Blamey, Audrey Krah, Angie Powell, Bonnie Lash, Tina O'Donnell and Dawna Barbour for donating their time and efforts again this year to help make this event a success.

In addition, the support of merchants and artisans helped us raise another $335 from our Stocking Stuffer Raffle. Their support helped make the raffle a success, and the foundation is very grateful for their generosity.

Finally, I want to thank all the bingo players who supported the Kevin Murray Memorial Fund by attending this event helping us raise a total of $1,153. The support of residents and friends is so important to community fundraising events. It not only helps support projects, but it also publicly demonstrates your commitment to enhancing the community.

Thank you all, and best wishes for a safe and joyous holiday season.

John Blamey, President

Medomak Valley Community Foundation


With reservations

I am renewing my subscription to the Courier, but feel I am doing so with reservations.

I miss the community articles, ie. Hope, Union, etc. When you started the paper back up I talked to Dan [Dunkle] and he said you felt we were in The Camden Herald area. I bet more people read the Courier.

Why can't they be put in both papers? Why not take a poll?

Eileen Benemann



Correcting a misunderstanding

The letter to the Union citizens dated Oct. 30, 2012 should have stated the following: " the Board of Selectmen voted 4 to 1 to place a question before you that would approve changing the town treasurer position from elected to appointed." I did not vote to have the treasurers position "appointed: at the town meeting on Oct. 16, 2012. This letter to the Union citizens implies that I voted to do so. I have not changed my position on this matter and will vote to keep it elected.

Sara Moore, Selectman


Comments (2)
Posted by: Ed Allen | Nov 10, 2012 20:00

Now it has me wondering is it even legal. Now doseit have you wondering.

Posted by: Ed Allen | Nov 10, 2012 19:42


What is going on at townhall union?. I did not receive this letter that Sara Moore is writing about. But i did get a copy from a friend. She was so mad that i had to tape it back togather so i could read it. after reading it i did a little leg work. My findings after this are as fallows. 1310 voters give or take 15 or 20.

1310 x 45 cents for stamps =589.50 envelopes@ 5 cents = 65.50 2 pieces of paper@ 6 cents= 78.60 So far thats 733.60 of tax payers dollars let alone i dont think the envelopes stuffed themselves. Know it has me wondering is this even legal. Know dose it have you wondering. Somebody let me know what you think

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