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Mar 23, 2014


Regarding the article, "Politician cries foul" in the March 6 Courier-Gazette, the statement made by Wes Richardson that he is "concerned" about his personal safety from Jeff Evangelos, and Wes calling the police based on a third-party gossip comment, is so ludicrous. It is an additional slur of dirty politics from Mr. Richardson. I vote in another district, however, I have known Jeff Evangelos for many years. Jeff is a highly intelligent person combined with great insight, integrity and working long hours for his district. For many years, Jeff was solely responsible for keeping the SAD 40 budget fiscally balanced and deeply cares about his community. Jeff is passionate about his beliefs and listens to voters with an open mind and takes actions upon their behalf. Jeff uses his words to convey his opinion and to accuse him of physical harm or violence is slander beyond ridiculous imagination.

Wesley Richardson doesn't want to take responsibility for his dirty politics and is, thereby, diverting attention by slandering a man with great integrity and honesty. Jeff Evangelos sets the bar for politicians and you should be ashamed Wes Richardson!

Kate Hixon


Board commendation

As a long-time resident of RSU 40, I want to express my appreciation to our school board and Superintendent Cormier for the clear message of inclusion they sent to everyone with their unanimous vote to become the school of record for St. George students, should they become an independent school district. Every organization benefits from diversity, and Medomak Valley has welcomed students from surrounding towns such as Nobleboro, Jefferson and Bremen for as long as it has been open. These students have made our school community a better place. In regards to St. George students, it is unlikely that all high school age students would come to Medomak at any time. What is more important is the message that should any St. George student want to come to Medomak Valley, they would be welcomed.

I particularly want to commend the board on the unanimity of the message. Too often, positive actions by the board have been obscured by a board member or two who stray from the main topic with extraneous negative comments that end up capturing headlines. I think the RSU 40 board has sent a powerful message to its regional neighbors about the value of diversity and inclusion. I am proud to be a part of this community. Thank you, RSU 40 School Board.

Ben Vail


Thanks doc

On behalf of National Doctor’s Day March 30, Pen Bay Healthcare wishes to thank our dedicated physicians who care for the needs of our citizens and community. For the third year in a row, Pen Bay doctors have opted to forego celebrating Doctor's Day and donate any budgeted funds for continuing clinical education. These funds have already been directed to support nurses attending RN-to-BSN programs as well as critical care, obstetric and newborn care education. They also help support continuing education for our medical assistants and certified nursing assistants. As always, our physicians continued support of the nursing and clinical staff is greatly appreciated. The physicians’ investment will be evidenced in the delivery of quality, safe patient care, improved patient experience and stronger employee engagement.

We appreciate and thank our Pen Bay doctors!

Paula Delahanty

VP Nursing Services

Pen Bay Healthcare

Stop at the line

Traffic that is heading South on Main Street in Thomaston that stop and start for the traffic lights are supposed to stop by the white line that is painted on the road, but many times they stop beyond the white line and this blocks the entrance to the post office parking lot. This blocks the departure of traffic that wants to leave the post office to Main Street. I know it happens to all of us driving one time or the other. Also watch for people that are walking in that area.

Thank you.

Gordon Wotton




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