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Jan 23, 2014

Toy program thanks

The holidays have come and gone and the people of Waldoboro have been amazing once again! As always, I feel very privileged to be part of such a wonderful and generous event. This year’s Waldoboro Toy Program went very well, with a lot of help from a lot of you.

We provided toys, hats and mittens to 163 children (or 73 families) this year. We started the year with $4,014.92 (as of Nov. 30, 2013) in the toys for tots account and we spent $3,165.25 on toys, hats and mittens. We raised $2,155. We earned $7.05 in interest for 2013. We will be issuing boot vouchers for children who need warm winter boots.

This year we combined forces with the Family Holiday Wishes Program and the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program. It went very well and thanks to both programs.

This year we had Patricia Magee leave us money, as well as toys and money donated in the name of Gordon and Dorothy Scott, Patricia Chapman and Willis Hallowell, and Wyatt Hall. Thank you to all the people who thought of the Waldoboro Toy Program in the name of their loved ones.

I would like to thank the citizens of Waldoboro who helped make this year’s Waldoboro Toy Program come together successfully. I especially want to thank the many children who donated toys so that other children could have a better Christmas. My hat’s off to you all. I would like to thank the following people and businesses for their donations of money, wrapping supplies, mittens, hats, and moral support: The United Methodist Church and the Methodist Women’s Group, The Masons King Solomon’s Lodge, Meenagha Grange 555, Medomak Valley Senior Citizens, Charles C. Lilly Post 149 – American Legion, John & Susan Morris, Doris and Wallace Prock, Sherman & Eleanor Smith, The Coastal Christian Student’s, The Medomak Middle School Student’s, Hilma Foster, Marcia & Maynard Prock, James Pyne, Burton & Margaret Smith, Lillian & Ronald Dolloff, OJ and Alice Duff, Claire Belyea, Bob Rengle, Bart Seavey, Shirley Woodcock, Mary Logue, The Maine Antique Digest Employees, The Waldoboro Women’s Club, John & Pam Blamey, George & Jane Enman, Robert & Donna McNally, Naomi Mcphee, Doris Musa, and Big Al’s Lastly I would like to thank Pam Rengle and Joyce Beaudoin for all their valuable help and moral support. If I missed anyone in the shuffle I apologize and assure you that all the help was needed and greatly appreciated.

As always, I was greatly impressed with Waldoboro’s generosity, caring and giving. Without your support this program would not be possible. Thank you.

I hope the coming year brings prosperity, happiness and health to you all.

Melody Tracy

Waldoboro Toy Program

Kudos to top docs

Regarding your Jan 16 article on Pen Bay "Top Docs" listed in Down East Magazine, I was surprised to see our excellent Infectious Disease specialists Drs. Mark Eggena M.D. and Cheryl Lichty M.D. missing from your list as they were included along with the other physicians you noted as peer recommended. Not everyone subscribes to Down East so you do readers a service recapitulating the information. Kudos to all our Top Docs including Drs. Eggena and Lichty.

Judith Church Tydings

South Thomaston


History of guns

I have written in the past a few letters on the subject of ownership of guns and the reason for not having so many in our possession, but I will stop here for now and backtrack to a time many of us never bother to check out and that is the history of why or how guns came into existence.

I may be wrong here, but I do believe that black powder or gun powder was the first thing discovered and then as time progressed came the single shot pistols and rifles and yes, even then, people were dying or being maimed by these items and as the years went by we went from single shot weapons to weapons that can fire more than one round at a time with the end result being more people being killed or maimed because of these weapons.

Let me put it another way and to use a term that probably will upset a lot of people and that people is the term evil. The sad part here is no one human on the face of this planet can ever or will ever take out evil no matter what we use. There is not enough bombs, rockets, missiles, guns, planes, ships, tanks or anything else on this planet that will ever destroy evil. The only way evil will ever be conquered is in the end, but I will leave that here and move on.

In my opinion only we have become a world where greed, corruption, hatred, and lust for power has become so strong that when we do not get our way outcomes the weapons and those standing in our way end up getting killed or maimed. The sad part is the ones who got killed had nothing to do with what the person doing the killing was after. The world is divided into two areas, good vs. evil, and evil will do everything it can to tear this planet apart and the sad part to this whole picture is that the more we hurt our fellow human beings or even kill, the more evil laughs and laughs.

If we as a human being ever took all the weapons we own and placed them in a pile and set fire to them and then got down on our knees and prayed that we never use them again, the world would be a far better place to live. Then if a person used any weapon of any kind to hurt or kill another human, they themselves would also be put to death.

But I know this will never happen and the killing and maiming will go on and on until something happens to end all of this and we as humans end up losing everything we think we own.

But as always, do not take my word for any of the above, but check out history as it is and do some research on the Internet since that has now become they way things are done. If you cannot find the answer there then I can only recommend one book to read, but I will say this, you will not read about any type of gun or bomb or missile in this book, but you will read about evil and how it came to be and, yes, I am talking about the Bible.

But I will stop here and only hope that someone, somewhere does hopefully understand what I am saying and takes a positive step forward and if he or she has a weapon in their possession and does not get rid of it and makes it known that they did.

Robert Robinson


Keep up the progress

First of all, Linda and I wish you a very happy new year.

Thank you to the people who are cleaning up after their dogs, and to the brave people who are speaking up and encouraging others to do the responsible thing.

This brings me to the new reason we are writing this letter.

Quite a few citizens have been telling Linda and myself about the negligence and "tricks" that are happening since Frosty has been blessing us with all the snow.

Some residents have chosen to find other hiding places where their dog can leave his/her poop. Some have chosen to go in the dark of night so they cannot be seen, and finally some are just reverting back to their old ways of not cleaning up as the above mentioned.

We appreciate the members of this city who are reporting these incident to us and the police.

We understand that it is not always possible to pick up after your pet due to snow conditions, but really people, next to the road, sidewalks and plowed areas.

Snow Marine Park is horrible. Go see for yourself. Children slide and play there. How would you like to get your face full of dog poop? Perhaps on their clothes when they tumble from their sleds? All of the poop that is left in the winter is really showing up now and it will again after the snow is completely gone.

The bags are not being used. It doesn't matter that it is winter. It is still the law. The winter is cold and unforgiving and it is difficult to do the things that need to be done. Neither Linda nor I enjoy picking up after our dogs, but it is our responsibility.

So, chin-up everyone. Keep up the progress we have made thus far. There are no exceptions and no exemptions. It doesn't matter who you are, clean up after your pet!

Valerie Hooper

Linda Athearn


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