Letters to the Editor, Aug. 3

Aug 03, 2017

Parties should work together to fix ACA

Each plan the GOP comes up with is crueler than the previous one. So far their efforts have been to remove health insurance from millions and cut Medicaid, while providing a huge tax cut for the wealthy. I thank Senas. Susan Collins and Angus King for standing against repealing the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, without having a better replacement plan.

So the ACA is still here, but uncertainty is driving out insurers and raising costs. Insurance should not be a buffet approach, because broad coverage is what keeps rates low for everyone. Disparity in health due to inability to pay adversely impacts education, work productivity and prosperity for communities and indeed, the country. Poor health in families leads to premature deaths, to poverty and generations of poverty. Surely the world’s richest country can create a system that could prevent those dire outcomes.

The current situation offers an opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to work together to improve the ACA by shoring up the exchanges, restoring subsidies and incentivizing Americans to get and keep health insurance. For some, coverage is still too expensive, so Congress should consider a public option. Another priority should be improving the delivery of health care. This route will lead to lower premiums and lower health care costs. I urge those who represent us in Washington not to take away health care from the most vulnerable and not to let ideology block expanding health care to all Americans.

Susan Vaughan

St. George

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Posted by: Sonja Sleeper | Aug 16, 2017 12:09

Sorry but I disagree, I am an older individual who has to purchase insurance on the exchange, only two companies to choose from and can barely afford  the Bronze plan which covers nothing, high copay and high deductible.  I am telling you would be better off without any health insurance.  Can take money towards premium and put in a health savings account and afford four visits to doctor and any medicine from those visits.  Best of all I wouldn't have to worry about any pay increase being sucked up by the government which subsidizes according to income.  Trust me the ACA sucks.  I don't care what plan they have I want out.


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