April 17, 2014

Letters, Camden Herald

Apr 17, 2014

PTA offers thanks

The Camden-Rockport PTA would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make our recent Summer Activities Fair a success. Even after being rescheduled due to bad weather, we still had 40 exhibitors and 200 attendees!

Thank you to our sponsors: Children’s House Montessori School, Laugh Loud Smile Big, and Skaar Design. The winner of the free camp week ($200 value), sponsored by the Children’s House Montessori School, was Kayla Paparello. Many other attendees also won raffle prizes, including T-shirts, art supplies or free weeks of camp, all donated by our exhibitors.

Finally, a HUGE thank you goes out to the custodial staff of Camden-Rockport Elementary School. They were willing to work with us to find a new date for the Activities Fair after it was cancelled due to weather. They collected more than 40 tables from all over the school and set them up in the gym. And they were “on call” for us all evening if we needed access to photocopiers, adjustment to the temperature in the gym, or other details to make our event run smoothly.

A directory of all of the summer camp exhibitors will be available from the PTA very soon. Email CamdenRockportPTA@gmail.com to receive a copy.

Thanks again to everyone who made this annual fair a success for 2014! Think summer!

Heather Mackey

Summer Activities Fair Coordinator

On behalf of the Camden-Rockport PTA


Calculating value

It may be easy to use a calculator to answer the question of whether or not to outsource MSAD 28 custodial services as a way to save costs. However, the answer needs to address a much deeper and more significant question, what is the value that our custodians provide to the community at Camden-Rockport Elementary School?

What is the value of a kindergartener getting off the bus every morning and being greeted by name by the burly bearded friend they know as Bob? What is the value of Jan promising to take a perpetually tardy student out to raise the flag in the morning if he promised to arrive at school on time? What is the value of having John acknowledging a student’s positive behavior by working together on small maintenance tasks? What is the value of Ashley, Mark and Patty consistently asking staff if there is anything we need? What is the value of Greg explaining about the use geothermal technology to heat our school to a fourth grade science class? Some answers are as simple as comparing crunched numbers on a spreadsheet; others are not quite so uncomplicated.

Our custodians are a fundamental part of the daily life at CRES. They take personal pride in the cleanliness and health of our building. Our school runs smoothly because they care about our school and everyone who is a part of it. Our custodians perform much more than the job descriptions that guide their daily tasks. They’ve developed strong connections with students. They are dedicated to the health and safety of our children. They are mentors and partners in education. What is that worth?

Please support the custodial staff in our district by taking a stand against outsourcing.


Lauren Brampton

Pam Currier

Kristi Hardy-Gilson

Deb Ithomitis

Steve Seidell

Kitty Foss

Gail Richards

Deb Meservey

Rachel Gross

Margaret Page

Joyce Bedford

Karen Collins

Tara Miller

Polly Gibson

Sharon Pratt

Sarah Burke

Stephanie Marshall

Cathy Courand

Susan Davis

Jessena Hayward

Maureen Gordon

Kate Dishop

Karin Rector

Susan Dowley

Jill Starrett

Cynthia Archambault

Kim Wickenden

Lynda Pierce

Connie Pound

Scott Dyer

Jane Funk

Tabitha Varney

Melissa Willey

Debbie Sabanty

Christina Gaulin

Lucky Cerce

Judy Laurence

Hilda Livingstone

Stuart Finkelstein

Gail Green

Joan Doherty

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