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Jan 16, 2014

Send it to a vote

I'm writing in support of the zoning change in Camden that will allow McLean to operate a recovery center at Fox Hill. I grew up in the Camden area and graduated from Camden Hills Regional High School. I've spent most of my life in this area, and this opportunity on the horizon is the best I've seen for this area in years. If the zoning is changed and the recovery center at Fox Hill is a reality, it will impact in the community in three positive ways.

The first way is bringing more awareness in the form of education in substance abuse. This additional education can bring a positive change to the health of our community. The third point is one that all of us should agree on: McLean at Fox Hill will provide jobs to people and economic growth in our community and our neighboring towns.

I ask that this issue be put on the ballot for town residents to decide. I hope that others will join with me in voting on the June ballot.

Thank you,


Theo Emery



A dramatic, positive change

My name is Matthew Speno and I am a father, certified teacher, coach and youth mentor who has lived and worked in Camden and its community for several years. I am passionate about education and providing our youth with world-class opportunities to learn and grow. In fact, it is in the community of Camden Maine that my three sons are being raised.

The change I anticipate that will occur when the voters of Camden decide to update the zoning language to allow a residential behavioral recovery center at Fox Hill will be dramatic with regards to the positive benefits to the town and its residents!

When McLean opens their recovery center at Fox Hill, one of the most immediate benefits will be the creation of jobs in the town. Jobs that are not only needed, but a caliber of employment that will help year round residents provide for their families and also help the local economy in terms of money spent in town.

By allowing a change in zoning, Camden residents will be giving their community access to world-renowned expertise in the behavioral health care industry. More importantly, this level of expertise available to the teachers and mentors of our youth will be a catalyst in providing a safe environment to grow and learn for generations to come.

Won’t you support positive change by placing this issue on the ballot?

Matthew Speno


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