Letters, Camden Herald

Jan 09, 2014

Well done

I have something to say to the members of the Camden Planning Board. “Well done!”

I’m referring to the manner in which you represented the town in the recent matter of a request for an amendment to the community, zoning ordinance at Fox Hill. Through all the meetings and hearings and the hours and hours of testimony pro and con, you insisted on and maintained a tone of mutual respect and civility.

As a body, you approached this sometimes contentious issue with patience and professionalism. Calm, studied reason was applied at all times and the eloquence with which you presented your individual positions was impressive, as was your depth of understanding of both sides of the matter. The citizens of Camden may be rightly proud of the impartiality and integrity on display during Planning Board meetings.

For many of us, the process is often more important than the result. The respect for process demonstrated by the Planning Board was exemplary and again I say, “Well done!”

Anna Glass


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