Let's Regain that "CAN DO" Spirit! :)

By Richard McKusic, Sr. | Feb 07, 2014
Photo by: Yahoo TOGETHER WE CAN!

What has happened to our “CAN DO” spirit? It brought us through the depression, World War Two and many disasters yet we seem to have lost it; especially over the past decade. We seem to be like eight of the ten spies who went out to check out the promised land: “They’re too big for us. We are like grasshoppers and they are giants!” Beat before we start.

Winston Churchill said as London was being blitzed, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Now, our problems are pretty minor in comparison what England had to go through. We have a choice, but if we don’t begin to work TOGETHER and live in the solution do you really think we’ll survive?

Lets get behind our leaders and look at what’s right; instead of what’s wrong; and build on that. It is a start at moving us in a positive direction instead of throwing our hands up in despair and blaming all of our troubles on the other guy.

Let’s regain that “CAN DO” spirit. We'll find it much more enjoyable. :)

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