Learning for Life in St. George

By Beth A. Birmingham | Jun 15, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Second-graders at St. George Elementary School learned about a variety of professions in their recent studies. They gave a biography of their chosen character and dressed the part during a presentation June 11.

St. George — A second-grade class at St. George Elementary School has been working on a Learning for Life Expedition.

Leatrice Falla's class has been studying about various professions and what people do at their perspective jobs. They toured workplaces including the Owls Head Transportation Museum, the Strand Theatre, and Harbor Road Veterinary Hospital, and others. Students found out that what some people learned in second grade they use in their professions today.

The class also took a field trip to Monhegan Island, compliments of the Monhegan Boat. They worked at the school with teacher Mary Weber, then visited the island farm, a bed and breakfast, and the Monhegan Museum and Lighthouse.

The Georges River Education Foundation or GREF approved a grant for the Learning for Life Expedition. The grant funded all of the field trips and made it possible to get supplies for other projects during the year.

"I have received several grants in the past and it has made a huge difference in what I can offer my kids for real life experiences," said Falla.

The project culminated with each student choosing a character to learn about, write a biography on, and dress the part for a presentation to parents June 11.

Famous characters represented were: Jesse Owens by Dontae Holliman, Thomas Jefferson by Isla Mitchell, Elvis Presley by Geneva Alley, Albert Einstein by Natalie Vanorse, Michael Jackson by Dylan Benner, President Barack Obama by Jacob Myers, Ella Fitzgerald by Drew Theriault, George Washington by Brooke Hoppe, Michael Jordan by Connor Curtis, Jim Henson by Colby Hooper, Abraham Lincoln by Jayden Small, and Benjamin Franklin by Evelyn Thissell.

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Thomas Jefferson, played by Isla Mitchell, reads from the Declaration of Independence during a presentation at St. George Elementary School June 11. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Elvis, played by Geneva Alley, storms the second-grade classroom at St. George Elementary School June 11 during a presentation on various professions given by Leatrice Falla's students. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Ella Fitzgerald, played by Drew Theriault, swaggers into the classroom at St. George Elementary School June 11. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
President Barack Obama, played by Jacob Myers, waves to the audience assembled at St. George Elementary School for a presentation on various professions. Leatrice Falla's second grade class read biographies and dressed up as their chosen character. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Michael Jackson (aka Dylan Benner) thrills the audience with his rendition of the moon walk at St. George Elementary School June 11. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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