LBC Treat Review: Sam's Yams!

By Loyal Biscuit Co. | Apr 16, 2014
Source: Front Porch Pets Sam's Yams are a great chew that we are now carrying at the LBC!

I love sweet potatoes. I love them baked, made into chips, sprinkled with mini marshmallows, as fries, even included in pasta. So, it was no surprise to me to find out that many dogs also love the delicious tuber. Plus, they make for a super healthy treat or food mix-in. But what about as a replacement for not-so-healthy rawhide? That’s where Sam’s Yams comes in!

Sam’s Yams makes a fantastic line of USA sourced and manufactured chews that are made from dried sweet potatoes. After learning about the dangers of rawhide (like how they can become lodged in the throat, cause intestinal blockage, and how most are made with extremely high levels of preservatives and sometimes even formaldehyde) from his dog’s vet, Sam’s Yams owner, Chef David decided to turn his experience with product development and making healthy and balanced meals for humans to focus on the four-legged critters in our lives. He developed a unique drying process that makes the Sam’s Yams Chewz have a similar feel and look to a rawhide chew, but far easier for a dog to break down and digest, not to mention much healthier.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber which helps a dog’s digestion as well as stool quality (we at the LBC often suggest the addition of sweet potato or even pumpkin to the diet of a dog that may be having soft stool or digestive issues). They are also high in the essential nutrients dogs need, like calcium (great for puppies!), vitamin A, potassium, riboflavin, B6, thiamin, iron, phosphorus, and niacin. And since the only ingredient in the Chewz is sweet potato, they are great for dogs that are food sensitive or on a limited ingredient diet. These chews specifically are also well suited for elderly dogs who are prone to having sensitive gums and teeth.

We currently have all three of the Sam’s Yams Chewz. The smallest are the Bichon Fries which are french fry shaped and perfect for small dogs but can also be broken up and used as a training treat for bigger dogs. Then there are the Veggie Rawhides which are made for dogs of all sizes. And finally the Big Boyz which are made with larger breed dogs in mind but can be given to any sized dog. We are also carrying The Sam’s Yams Calming Chamomile Bones which are sweet potato chews shaped like bones and infused with chamomile tea which can help calm and soothe dogs that are prone to anxiety.

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Until next time, Loyal fans!

Sources: Front Porch Pets: “Sam’s Yams”

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