Lack of discretion vs. lack of honesty and judgment

By Jan Dolcater | Oct 13, 2016

With the debate being approximately 24 hours away, the atmosphere has certainly grown tense. The release of the Trump video of 11 years ago has leaped across all elements of communication. There is absolutely no way or manner to approve of the language used by Trump in his discussion of women. The crude and vulgar language that was expressed has no place in the mouths of individuals who aspire to leadership positions in our society.

It is also exceedingly important to consider the revelations that were exposed by the release of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street by Wikileaks. The content of these speeches reveals both the real and genuine intent of Clinton’s aim to instill her philosophy of open borders and open trade as policy, if she is elected. Further comments about her being removed from the pedestrian way of life of the middle class and the need to have both a public and private persona explain a great deal about her character or perhaps the lack thereof. Neither integrity nor ethics appear in her above positions.

Neither of the bombshells about the primary candidates is inspiring, but I must ask the following question of you. Which of these two examples will have the most resounding effect on you and your family over the next four years? As unpleasant as the remarks stated by Trump were, I do not believe there will be lasting repercussions from them. This is particularly true, as the lesson learned the hard way by Trump will have a stern and lasting effect on him. Throughout the primary campaign, he has certainly been bombastic at times in his message, but it is a humbling factor for anyone who spends time with individuals along the campaign trail listening to the average person’s cares and concerns. It is certainly believable to me that Trump has been affected in this manner.

On the other hand, Clinton has repeatedly tangled herself in lies and fabrications in regard to her emails, her relations to the intricacies of the Clinton Foundation, how she and her husband have accumulated $100 million to $200 million of net worth, and her actual views and positions that she wants our country to follow. Perhaps the most devastating statement is that she favors open borders for the country. If this perception became reality, can you imagine what our nation would look like in a very short period of time? We would either become a Third World economy or a country filled with terrorists.

Our economy would be strangled with large numbers of slightly skilled workers or those with no skills. One would take jobs from those of our citizens who need them, and the other would be recipients of welfare. Consider further that she wishes to establish a single-payer health care system, which would lower considerably the quality of health care without being cost-effective. To support the Clinton approach to our economy will require significant increases in federal taxes on all levels of our society. The fossil fuel industry of coal, oil, and natural gas would be strangled. Our Supreme Court would be packed with liberal justices who would support the elimination of the Second Amendment and would also jeopardize religious freedom.

In addition, I ask you to consider her tacit approval of the nuclear agreement with Iran. This shows incredibly bad judgment. She is also the architect of the turmoil in Libya and further supported President Obama in the pullout of our limited forces in Iraq, which led to the birth of ISIS. This combination of situations reveals how poor her judgment has been in foreign policy. To top it off, her “reset of policy with Russia” is pathetic, as now Russia has warned the U.S. not to have any of our aircraft over certain areas of Syria, and if they are there, they may be shot down. We now appear impotent to respond.

There is no way to excuse the intemperate remarks made by Trump 11 years ago, but I cannot believe they will have the lasting or disastrous effects that the election of Hillary Clinton would have for our economy and on our standing in the world. Think long and hard about these factors prior to voting Nov. 8.

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Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Oct 19, 2016 16:40

How's this for lack of judgement?




Bought the Trump PlazaHotel for 400 million.  Repossessed by the bank.


Bought his yacht for 29 million.  Repossessed by the bank.


Built four casinos at a cost of $3 billion.  Filed for bankruptcy and went out business. Stiffed contractors and employees.


Started Trump Airlines.  Never made a profit.  Planes and helicopters repossessed by the Citibank.


Trump mortgage, Trump vodka, Trump steaks, and Trump University.  All went out of business.


Charged with rape by first wife.


Charged with smuggling under age models into country and hiding them from customs.


Charged with sexual assault of thirteen year old would- be model.

Posted by: Ingrid Van Steenberg | Oct 18, 2016 14:23

I still don't understand why people think that running a business makes you qualified to run a government.  There are major differences between the two after all.  The only explanation I can imagine is that these people don't know much about running a business, running the government, or both.


Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Oct 18, 2016 09:38

Jan, Trump has made a career out of suckering people like you, people who absorb his untruths and cling to them with a religious faith.  Trump inherited over two hundred million when his father died and probably isn't worth much more than that now.  His tax returns would reveal that which is why he hides them.  And his foundation has never given money to anyone except him while official sources verify the Clinton Foundation's contributions. Even his claims of contributions to veterans were proven bogus, not unusual for a draft dodger, I suppose, which is why he disparages real veterans so easily.

(Of course, as a Vietnam veteran that's only one reason for me to despise him.). This is a man who bragged -on air- that his serial philandering with married women was equal to a tour in combat.  That alone makes him despicable and totally unacceptable to our armed forces.  His claim of support from so many high ranking former officers in the military is -like every thing else that comes out of his mouth- pure BS.  This sorry excuse for a man has only one sustaining characteristic;  Fraud.  He's a serial liar, a wind bag who tells soft minded individuals what they want to hear but with no backup, no experience, and no intention of following through.  When questioned or opposed he reacted like a spoiled child.  He's a typical bully, all bluff and bluster when surrounded by his troops of mindless fanatics but a coward when it comes to the real world, even now crying he's being cheated because he sees his sorry and well deserved end coming to meet him.  He's simply unworthy of leadership and the only good he's done is to expose the festering under belly of bigotry, prejudice, ignorance, desperate hatred, and fear of anything and anyone different that fills the bottom half of our political world.  Trump may be our sorriest example yet of megalomania but his violence prone supporters are sorrier yet.  They're the real problem.

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Oct 18, 2016 09:23

Jan, as a liberal of Ron's ilk, my nasty approach goes like this: Donald Trump's unbridled ego has earned him the esteem of the most dissolute among us.  He is a carnival barker with an exaggerated character impairment.  I assume you will be voting for David Emery for Senator from district 12.  Ask him who he supports for president and why.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Oct 18, 2016 07:13


As usual liberals of your ilk are consistent in nasty approaches. In regards to Trump and his losses in Atlantic City the whole of the casino business there is a disaster and is almost completely gone. You apparently have never been in a capacity of running a business or you would recognize that not all areas that are invested in are successful.. When a business goes under suppliers get hurt and that was the casino fiasco. Trump has built many real estate structures that are highly successful and his inheritance with which he began his career was a million and now he is worth billions.

In regards to Clinton who stated they were dead broke when leaving the White House, how do you believe that today they have a net worth of over $200,000,000.?  What have either one of them ever produced? Of course they did have to return $200,000. worth of furniture,etc of what they removed (stole)from the White House when they left.

The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund for them that does not pay out but less that 13% of what is taken in through her pay for contact business.not 80%.

Go back to your pathetic talking points and take a rest, it is obvious that you need help.

Jan Dolcater

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Oct 18, 2016 00:06

Jan, you're setting a new low for ignorance or else you've had your head in a bucket for the last four months.  Trump is no business man unless you think losing almost a billion dollars in one year while running a casino is smart business sense.  Trump has kept his inherited money only by bilking his investors, stiffing his contractors and employees, and making back room deals with the Russians whose cash payments to Trump have just been revealed.  His shadow companies have also made secret deals with Iran and Cuba when both were illegal.  His disregard for the law is becoming more and more evident even while he bellows his "law and order" BS and his contempt for the rights of minorities and women is obvious to any rational person.  While Clinton's foundation has been proven to give eighty percent of contributions to charity Trump's so-called foundation is merely a slush fund for his legal costs defending against those 3500 federal lawsuits, his phony university, his failure to pay his bills and even a child rape case.  Vote any way you want, Jan, but don't pretend that you believe in this monster as anything resembling a principled human being.

Posted by: JUNE DOLCATER | Oct 17, 2016 14:54


Trump has amassed a billion dollar net worth by being successful in the business world and has created thousands of jobs. Hillary has never signed anything but the back side of a check and never created a single job except through the notorious Clinton Foundation.  It is past time for a business man to the run the  government rather than a thoroughly dishonest political hack.who is concerned about two things, herself and money  Would you really trust her to handle financial affairs for you?

Jan Dolcater

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Oct 16, 2016 16:50

Jan, I am surprised to read this comparison Trump versus Clinton. Surely you joke. True we have few choices this year, but experience versus classic show Biz is a no brain-er. I mourn the elimination of Bernie.

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