Knox County voters back transportation bond

By Stephen Betts | Nov 05, 2019

Knox County voters supported a state transportation bond referendum and an amendment to the Maine Constitution.

With all but a few towns reporting, the $105 million bond for roads, bridges, railroads, airports, transit, and ports was backed 3,639 to 807. The measure was winning by at least three-to-one margins in every Knox County community that had reported by 9:30 p.m.

Washington, St. George and Rockport results had not yet been received.

The Constitutional amendment to allow persons with disabilities to sign petitions in an alternative manner as authorized by the Legislature was also backed 3,550 to 772 throughout Knox County.

The transportation bond was supported in Appleton 140 to 46; Camden 830 to 84; Cushing 120 to 39; Friendship 112 to 50; Hope 165 to 49; Owls Head 183 to 49; North Haven 54 to five; Rockland 930 to 229; South Thomaston 148 to 22; Thomaston 261 to 59; Union 306 to 87; Vinalhaven 140 to 24; and Warren 250 to 64.

The Constitutional change was supported in Appleton 137 to 49; Camden 936 to 211; Cushing 809 to 101; Friendship 110 to 50; Hope 168 to 45; Owls Head 174 to 57; North Haven 52 to six; Rockland 936 to 211; South Thomaston 142 to 28; Thomaston 256 to 65; Union 283 to 109; Vinalhaven 139 to 24; and Warren 231 to 80.



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Posted by: Laurel E Taylor | Nov 06, 2019 18:24

Mr. Carroll you sound as if you are unhappy with how people vote. May I suggest a relocation to lets say Florida.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Nov 06, 2019 17:46

What do you suggest we do with people that are not capable of taking care of themselves?. Realizing that many may cheat the system, many more are legitimate. It really gets tiring one political party blaming the other. I know this much, greed is not the answer.

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Nov 06, 2019 08:29

Ever notice how voters overwhelmingly support borrowing money to build and improve roads and bridges.  This is much like a person taking out an auto loan to purchase a $10,000 car when they have the same amount already in the bank.  It is the duty of our legislators to direct our tax dollars to where they are most needed.  The reason we have a tax on gasoline is to pay for road improvements, however our democratically controled state house just loves to spend money on social programs because they know when it comes time to fix the roads the cattle will always cozy up to the feeder.  It's time to wake up folks and smell the coffee.  What do you think the interest is on $105 million dollar loan and just who is paying that interest  "YOU"

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