Knox County Superior Court

Feb 20, 2013

Rockland — The following case was closed in Knox County Superior Court Feb. 8-15:

Barry Reed, 32, of Friendship, gross sexual assault, dismissed; furnishing liquor to a minor, dismissed; sexual abuse of a minor, dismissed.


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Posted by: Michelle Marie Wooster | Feb 20, 2013 17:06

I totally agree and in cases like this they should at least mention an age range as teenagers sometimes consent and it makes a big differnce than a younger child. I know they did'nt give much detail but I know Barry and I would be shocked and cannot believe he is that type of a person to have that label, and if I were to guess I would assume he probably was dating a young lady with a strict parent or something. I agree w/Edwin,  some people would rather think the worst than the up side. Barry might have got in trouble as a teen but what kid has'nt? Also anything he DID do he has already paid for, so I pray they don't try to judge him, he has'nt had the easiest life, and when I spent time with him, he was a very caring and protective person if anything. I'm sure he has the heart he was born with, and it was a big one. God judges us for what we do and he KNOWS what we've done, no guess work so lets let him do the judging and let Barry move on.

Posted by: Edwin Ecker | Feb 20, 2013 09:30

Too bad when a person is dragged through the court system,is found innocent of all charges but still is published in the news. I know about "public disclosure" and all but some people will still look down on an accused person even if innocent.

Too Bad !!

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