Knox County divorces

Mar 14, 2014

Rockland — The following divorces were recorded in Sixth District Court in January and February 2014.

Megan L. Nill of Cushing and Christopher J. Nill of Bangor, married Sept. 22, 2007, in Bangor.

Jessica M. Arsenault of Rockland and Phillip R. Arsenault of Thomaston, married Aug. 24, 2005, in St. George. Shared parental rights of one child, primary residence with Jessica Arsenault.

Keith Cramer of Union and Susan Cramer of Union, married June 5, 1986, in Waldoboro.

Cynthia G. Cook of Spruce Head and Clay C. Cook of Henderson, Nev., married Dec. 17, 2007, in Rockville, Md.

Keith E. Cafferata of Camden and Megan O. Cafferata of Matinicus, married Aug. 8, 1987, in Camden.

Paul M. Richards of Camden and Linda S. Richards of Gorham, married July 6, 1984, in Camden.

Kathleen Hawkes of Camden and Roland James Hawkes of Rockland, married Aug. 4, 1982, in Lewiston.

Crystal D. Stultz of Rockland and Donald A. Stultz of Rockland, married May 19, 2007, in Phippsburg.

Melanie S. Butman of Owls Head and Jason A. Butman of Thomaston, married Sept. 17, 1994, in Thomaston. Shared parental rights of three children.

Diane L.E. Green Hebert of Rockland and Rene L. Hebert of Rockland, married Oct. 23, 1986, in Quebec Province, Canada.

David R. Woodbury of Camden and Jane E. Woodbury of Topsham, married Jan. 1, 2005, in Camden.

James A. Snodgrass of Chino, Calif., and Dolores J. Snodgrass of Thomaston, married July 19, 2012, in Rockport, annulment.

James C. Moore, of Owls Head and Debra H. Moore of Vinalhaven, married Feb. 22, 2003, on Vinalhaven.

Laura Marie Davis of Camden and Eric Harold Davis of Owls Head, married June 9, 2001, in Jefferson.

Alan J. Talbot of Camden and Joan M. Talbot of Milbridge, married April 15, 1972, in Camden.

Denise R. Clifford of Cushing and Douglas J. Clifford of Cushing, married Dec. 29, 2012, in Northport.

Lorrie Ann Marriner of Rockport and David Alan Marriner of Machester, Conn., married Nov. 3, 2013, in Manchester, Conn.

Richard O. Wilcox of Rockland and Marilyn N. Wilcox of Rockland, married March 17, 1992, in New Hampshire.

Erin L. Merrill of Hope and Douglas S. Merrill of Hope, married June 21, 1997, in Camden. Shared parental rights of three children with primary residence to Erin Merrill.

Christina M. Smith of Vinalhaven and Jason Smith of Warren, married Sept. 28, 2011, in Rockland. Sole parental rights of one child to Christina Smith.

Cameron Kilton of Warren and Whitney E. Kilton of Camden, married Feb. 2, 2005, in Camden. Shared parental rights of three children and primary residence to Cameron Kilton.

Erick David Leighton of Union and Ashley Carol Leighton of Rockland, married Dec. 10, 2010, in West Gardiner, shared parental rights of one child.

Kimberly Starbird of Damariscotta and Stephen Starbird of Warren, married July 4, 2008, in Weymouth, Mass., shared parental rights of two children with primary residence to Kimberly Starbird.

Comments (3)
Posted by: Cassie Carey | Mar 16, 2014 08:10

Cathy, there are other ways of finding out if a couple is divorced, it is public record.  I just don't agree that it needs to be published.

Posted by: Cathy Baker | Mar 16, 2014 07:28

Divorce is awful, but it is the end of a legal contract.  Spouses are responsible for each other's debts.  If one half of a couple owes you money, you need to know when they are divorced, because it will affect your ability to collect what is owed you.  Same with foreclosure and bankruptcies, also truly awful for families.


Posted by: Cassie Carey | Mar 15, 2014 19:55

I agree with Susan.  It's 2014,  do we really need to be shaming people by publishing their personal struggles, which do not affect the public?  Divorce is often a painful process for the families (including children) involved, why add to their hardship?

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