Knox County deeds

Nov 18, 2012

The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 9 to Nov. 15 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Delora C. Peaslee Est. to Kelly R. Manning.

Earl R. Norwood Jr. and Marian I. Norwood to Jessica J. Hilt.

Barbara R. Pitman Est. to Lynn C. Pitman, James E. Pitman Jr., William R. Pitman and Amy L. Lane.


Linda M. Zeigler to Linda M. Zeigler and Martin L. Zeigler Jr.

Richard A. Hill Tr. and Shelia K. Billings Revocable Trust to Thomas G. Kandra Est.

Cynthia Kallet to Cynthia Kallet and Grey Larsen.


Joan S. Rockwell to David J. Rockwell and Bonnie B. Rockwell.


David Neubig to David Neubig and Ianna V. Milenina Neubig.

Margaret Willey to Kimberlee E. Brow.

Keith V. Gould Est. to Douglas E. Greeley and Carol A. Greeley.

Isle A Haut

Katherine Tully Est. to C. Leland Davis.

North Haven

Muriel Weckstein Tr., Beth Alison Harris Tr. and Richard S. Weckstein 1981 Family Trust to Howard Story Trust.


Brooks B. Crane and A. Weber Roberts to Paul Coster and Elysa R. Rose Coster.

Bank of American NA to Sally A. Davis.

Martha H. Collins to First NA.


Donald E. Dyer Sr. to Larry James Dyer and Gloria Jean Dyer.

Carol D. Proctor to John F. O'Loughlin and Mary Claire O'Loughlin.

Edwin D. Kyle Jr. Est. to Edith R. Kyle.

Joseph Pyne and Christina Pyne to Bodin Property LLC.

Gregory Blackwell and Karen Blackwell to Robert E. White III and Julie G. White.

Village At Rockport LLC. to Village At Rockport LLC.

MN and B Corporation to Clayton L. Tolman.

Maynard E. Tolman to Clayton L. Tolman.

Barbara Wilbur and Barbara Greenwood to Mary Anne Rouse.

South Thomaston

Federal National Mortgage Association to Charles Dee Meyer.

St. George

Sandra L. Griffel to Sandra L. Griffel Tr. and Sandra L. Griffel Trust.

Jeffrey A. Samson and Joyann S. Samson to James N. Bucknam and Ann L. Elderkin.


Dawn Grant and Dawn M. Smith to Benjamin Brodis and Amy Brodis.


Neil Cass Tr. and Geneva Lieber Est. to William Alexander Lieber Tr. and William Alexander Lieber Revocable Trust.

Susan B. Johnston to Mark H. Bither.


Dennis R. Sawyer, Ryan E. Sawyer, Ross E. Sawyer, Dianne C. Sparks, Cynthia A. Sawyer and Holly C. Day to Ross E. Sawyer and Ryan E. Sawyer.

William H. Albany to Mathew W. Thomson.


Frances Schroyer Est. to Raymond S. Hill and Stephanie J. Hill.

Lance J. Taylor and Yvonne M. Taylor to Ian Lance Taylor.

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