Knox County deeds

Nov 04, 2019

The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 28 through Nov. 1 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Ronald L. Overlock to Holly J. Griffin and Thomas M. Griffin.

David V. Laite Tr. and Karen T. Laite Revocable Trust to Brian M. Connelly.

Gerald J. Opiela Tr. and Gerald J. Opiela Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust to Gerald J. Opiela and Kimberly W. Opiela.

Samuel B. Rowse to Russell J. Collett and Paula Collett.

Debra Jean Gould to Paula M. Johnson.

Undercliff Cottage LLC to Borrego LLC.


Town of Cushing to Patricia Fogg Est.

Karen D. Slaton and Michael T. Tusa Jr. to Bryan Austin to Amanda Roberson Austin.

Robert V. Bartles Tr., Bartles McGean Revocable Trust and Loren L. McGean Tr. to Richard C. Young and Robin B. Young.


Raymont C. Faria and Lois M. Faria to Renee M. Secotte.

Timothy S. Robinson II to Timothy S. Robinson II and Kelsey M. Robinson.

Eleanor Poe Barlow to Seaside Lodge in Friendship LLC.


Voila L. Fogg Est. to Daniel G. MacIsaac and Danielle M. MacIsaac.

Owls Head

Wesbanco Bank Tr. and Muriel B. Sheppe Inter Vivos Trust to Susan Ware and Charles Page.

Kevin R. Thompson to Joan H. Hantz and Edwin C. Hantz.


John M. Stein and Susan T. Stein to Justine R. Kablack and Nathan W. Luce.

Leone A. Knowles Est. to Richard J. Korzenowski and Dawn E. Korzenowski.

Victor Ortiz Vidal, Juana Diaz Suarez and Anthony Diaz Suarez to Anthony Mank.

Sheila A. Seekins to Veronica Race.

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Midcoast Historic Homes and Rentals LLC.

David A. Theriault to RFDP Realty Holding LLC.

Curtis W. Sheilds to James T. Hutton and Susan C. Hutton.

Lucille Payson Est. to Anita West.

Thomas E. Powers Est. to Brian S. Powers.

Powers Family Trust and Patricia M. Powers Tr. to Brian S. Powers.

Patricia M. Powers, Colin P. Powers, Christopher T. Powers and Heather A. Powers Gale to Brian S. Powers.


Beatrice Joanne Dority Est. to Yvonne A. Dority Saunders and Scott L. Dority.

Allen C. Boucher and Joyce J. Boucher to Nelson C. Bell and Anne W. Bell.

Kiki Irrevocable Trust and Maria Ridlon Tr. to Peggy L. Young.

Peggy L. Young to Maria E. Ridlon Tr. and Maria E. Ridlon Revocable Trust.

Harrison G. Bates and Connie G. Bates to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Grace E. Hinrichs to Donald W. Rhodes Tr., Donald W. Rhodes Revocable Trust, Nancy C. Rhodes Tr. and Nancy C. Rhodes Revocable Trust.

Ursula McAllister and Steven M. McAllister to Lucinda Ziesing.

South Thomaston

Charles M. Clarke Est. to Nicole P. Clarke.

St. George

Catherine L. Beeson Tr. and Catherine L. Beeson Gift Trust to Dana H. Kempton and Margaret A. Kempton.

Eillen M. Rackliff Tr. and Eileen M. Rackliffe Living Trust to Mark Derose and Susan Derose.

Arnold L. Beckett and Julie A. Beckett to Whyte Acquistions LLC.

David A. Roseboom and Paula J. Moreau to David A. Roseboom Tr., New Hope Realty Trust, Paula J. Moreau Tr. and Mark Roseboom Tr.


Carl F. Danielson to Frederick S. Carr Jr.

Walter F. Henry Est. to Mary P. Monroe Tr. and Henry Living Trust.

M. Paticia Monroe Tr. and Henry Living Trust to Arthur D. Henry.

Arthur D. Henry to Justin Henry.

John Stevens to Justin Henry.

Maryalyce Brown Est. to J. Timothy Swigor Tr. and Timellie Realty Trust.


Warren G. Reynolds Jr. and Warren G. Reynolds Jr. and Suzan F. Reynolds.

Edward W. Matson Jr. and Christina M. Matson to Jeremy A. Daigle and Jennifer R. Daigle.


Amaziahs Mill LLC to Henry G. Holt and Pamela L. Kittredge.

Tex Oakes and Larry Oakes to James G. McAvoy and Erica Reitmayer.

Norman K. Young  and Elaine D. Young to Paul Bruno Mrozinski and Sharon Mrozinski.


Elizabeth P. Provost, Patrick P. Provost and Patrick w. Provost to Mark Peterson and Jenifer Peterson.

Sandra D. Gammon to Irven A. Gammon, Lee A. Gammon, Martin J. Gammon and Vicky S. Gammon Miller.

Sally G. Peckham, Sally G. Seifert and Rudy P. Seifert to Aleta D. Green and Aleta D. Green and Daryl Green Sr.

John D. Ketner to Rodney Richard Brooks.

Carlton W. Wiley and Hope L. Wiley to James V. Davis.


14er Investment LLC to Wesley F. Daniel, Kathleen S. Daniel and Jonathan C. Daniel.

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