Knox County deeds

Oct 07, 2019
Source: File photo

The following deed transfers were recorded from Sept. 30 through Oct. 4 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Rosalie A. Gleason to Craig T. Gleason and Gail P. Gleason.

Erik A. Frederick and Sonya Arguijo Frederick to Wiley Otto Willmann.


Margaret Melissa Hatch and M. Melissa Hatch to Lou Ann Daly Tr. and Lou Ann Daly 2002 Revocable Trust.

William B. Cannell Trust, Peter B. Cannell Tr., Ann E. Cannell Tr. and William B. Cannell Tr. to George M. Sherman and Betsy R. Sherman.

Gianpaolo Robert Gentle Est., Gian Gentle Est., Gian R. Gentle Est. Gianpaola R. Gentle Est. and Gianpaolo Gentle Est. to Elizabeth L. Gardner Jasper.

Salty Land Company of Camden LLC to Salty Land Company of Camden.

John W. Davidson and Barbara Q. Davidson to John W. Davidson and Barbara Q. Davidson.

Edith Burnett Bond Tr., Helen K. Adams Tr. and Eugenia Kemble Revocable Trust to Sarah Luisa Kemble.

Anne M. Harmon and Anne M. Harmon Fear to Carolyn P. Mitchell.


Breakwater Realty LLC to Joseph M. Simpson and Wendy T. Simpson.

Lynda L. Makinen Est. to Corbett Concrete Inc.

Lauren C. Hall Tr., Lauren Hall Kenniston Tr. to Walter A. Matson Est. to Corbett Concrete Inc.


Rosemary Oldread to Robert A. Rasmussen.

Joshua Isaac Lee to Joshua L. Wilshire and Richard T. Wilshire Jr.

Owls Head

Maureen E. Rolla Tr. and Maureen E. Rolla 2014 Declaration of Trust to Paul Oversmith and Margaret Churchill.


Lawrence E. Springer to Noah Gelerman and David Gelerman.

497 501 Main Street LLC to Lermond Cove LLC.

Judith Ann Drake to Anthony N. Reece and Philip P. Sanchez.

Elmer H. Doucette and Peggy J. Doucette to Susan Lewis Hodgkins and Peter B. Hodgkins.

Bryce J. Black and Jodi L. Black to Erik E. Jura and Michelle Y. Jura.

Cathleen F. McMahon to Michelle Marie Wiley.

305 State Street LLC to Rock City LLC.

Carleton O. Wooster Est. to James C. Black and Sally A. Black.

Seth W. Meyer and Erin E. Meyer to Matthew McLaughlin.

Matthew J. Wasgatt to Daniel James Kelly and Daniel J. Kelly.


Laureen E. Jarrett to Nancy Marsh, Daniel Marsh, Emily Marsh and Jillian Marsh.

Vision Builders Inc. to Brenda J. Gagnon Tr. and Brenda Gagnon Revocable Living Trust.

Joseph M. Ryan and Virginia I. Ryan to Adventure Properties LLC.

Carol E. Craig to John F. McManus and Deborah L. McManus.

Leo Wallace, Donna Wallace, Lev Wallace and Donnal Wallace to Shantel Beck.

Brenda Gagnon Revocable Trust and Brenda J. Gagnon Tr. to Howard D. Kelsey and Linda J. Kelsey.

Keith W. Daggett and Dawn M. Daggett to Dante Ravelli and Jamie Ravelli.

Riviera Clam Cove LLC to Paul Keith Ernst and Lori J. Ernst.

Barbara Day Pruitt Est. to Catherine Moulaison Charak.

Catherine Moulaison Charak to Catherine Moulaison Charak and Earl Charak.

South Thomaston

Eileen R. Lambertson to Lisa L. Sherwood and Jeffrey W. Sherwood.

TCV Trust and Wealth Management Tr. and Gloria A. Farmer Family Trust to John N. Koffel Tr, Pamela W. Atkins Tr. and John N. Koffel and Pamela W. Atkins Revocable Living Trust.

St. George

William B. Skelton to Gail J. Skelton.

Donna Marie Coolbrooth, Donna H. Coolbroth and Donna Maxwell to Rebecca St. Clair.

Peter Flint and L. Ferris Flint to Thomas Moses.

Gerald Lee Herring Est. to Timothy H. Black and Aliesha J. Black.


Arrg LLC to David M. Johnson and Katrina L. Johnson.

Rolfe Enterprises LLC to AJT LLC.

Katharine S. Wheaton Tr. and Wheaton Family Trust to Sally Vittum.


Joyce Hills to Marc Swartz and Holly Swartz.

Richard T. Scanlon to Gabor Degre and Rebecca White.


Timothy B. Dyer and Shannon R. Dyer to Kaleb Dyer.

Timothy B. Dyer and Shannon R. Dyer to Adam Dyer.

Elizabeth Blair Jones Tr, Jane Blair Gelston Tr. and Jane C. Blair Trust to Elizabeth Blair Jones and Jane Blair Gelston.

Daniela Rose Winkler Est. to John Frederick Martin.


Bruce C. Kumpf and Sandra L. Kumpf to Bruce C. Kumpf  Tr., Sandra L. Kumpf Tr. and Bruce and Sandra Kumpf Revocable Trust.

Bruce C. Kumpf and Sandra L. Kumpf to Bruce and Sandra Kumpf Revocable Trust, Bruce C. Kumpf Tr. and Sandra L. Kumpf Tr.

Annie M. Flint Est. to Ronald Benner Tr. and Annie M. Flint Revocable Trust.

Ronald Benner Tr. and Annie M. Flint Revocable Trust to C. Dale Flint.

Ronald Benner Tr. and Annie M. Flint Revocable Trust to Darrell L. Winchenbach.

Edward Ott to Edward Ott and Donna Bowden.

William H. Swan and Kathleen D. Swan to James E. Swan and Vikki Swan.


Nancy C. Braun and Frank X. Braun Jr. to Roger C. Cady Tr., Roger C. Cady Revocable Trust, Mary L. Cady, Tr. and Mary L. Cady Revocable Trust.

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