Knox County deeds

Oct 05, 2018

The following deed transfers were recorded from Oct. 1 through Oct. 5 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Eliza Cope Nolan Tr. and Catherine Beston Barnes Trust to John P. Boyington and Allison J. Boyington.

Citifinancial Servicing LLC and Carrington Property Services LLC Atty to Timothy Hynd.


Margaret W. Sideris to Tandra L. Cadigan.

Susan C. Scheffer Tr., Mark M. Scheffer Tr. and Susan C. Scheffer Revocable Trust of 2015 to Jennifer L. Glennon and Ian Glennon.

Carole A. Snyder and T. Richard Snyder to Jeremy M. Bowskill and Johanna L. Bowskill.

Cory W. Alexander to 25 Knowlton Street LLC.


Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae and Continental Real Estate Services Inc. Atty. to Phillip J. Young Sr. and Suzanne M. Young.

Judith W. Carr to Jason K. Buck and Amie L. Hutchison.


Karl Murphy to Jason A. Lee and Crystal A. Lee.

William J. LaBombarde to William J. LaBombarde and Karen J. LaBombarde.


Thomas M. Bresnahan and Joanne Bresnahan to Rachel L. Bickham.

Rachel L. Bickham to Troy O. Bickham and Rachel L. Bickham.

North Haven

Elinor W. Crocker II to John Crocker III.

Owls Head

Ford Family Trust, Justin Ford Tr. and Tiffany Ford Tr. to Tiffany L. Ford.

Gary W. Havener Tr. and Gary W. Havener Trust to Gary W. Havener Tr. and Gary W. Havener Trust.

Julia Morris Tr., Randy B. Smith Family Trust and Elizabeth D. Smith Declaration of Trust to Hilary Smith.


Shawn E. Dulac to Katie M. Dulac and Katie M. Adams.


Virginia Foss Libby Est. To Steven F. Libby, Steven W. Libby, Raymond T. Libby, Jean S. Libby and Judith Libby Brown.

Brenda M. Doherty to Norman E. Hoops Tr., Deborah J. Hoops Tr. and 1998 Norman E. Hoops and Deborah J. Hoops Revocable Trust.

Pamela S. Peitz Est. to Daniel MacEwen.

Pamela S. Peitz Est. to Christopher B. Peitz.

Velma L. Beaupre to Heather B. Fuller.

Patricia Ewalt to Michael Graves and Susan Graves.

Rockey S. Thomas and Sharon A. Thomas to Peter A. Laing and Terri Ann Laing.

South Thomaston

Jeanne M. Rogers to Harry H. Overtoom and Adele R. Smith.

William S. Hall and Sheridy Hall to Jessica Miller.

St. George

Heather S. Abt to Heather S. Abt Tr. and Heather S. Abt Living Trust.

Elizabeth Greenman and Linda Allen Knight and Kimberly Sweet.

Harold Todd Watts and Lauren Watts to Joseph P. Hufnagel and Amy B. Hufnagel.

Forty Two Watts Avenue LLC. to Stephanie M. Smith.


Robert P. Gilson and Marion Marie Gilson to Peter C. A. Ward, Wayne R. Ward and Christine A. Knutson.

Jason K. Buck and Amie L. Hutchison to Tiyana Wolf Whitehead.


Kay I. Santorineos to Howard G. Holmes and Mary W. Holmes.


George B. Spaulding and Spaulding Real Estate Trust to Skipworth R. Banker Tr., Alexander C. Banker Tr. and Skipworth R. Banker Revocable Trust.

Stephen M. Becker to Carly Paquette to Elon Rubin.


Mary L. Sprenger to William John Little and Jeffrey Greg Little.

Douglas M. Williams and Susan J. Williams to Deborah Royroberts and Peter Petrowich.

Northwoods Forestry Services LLC to Nanne Kennedy.

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