Knox County deeds

Jul 02, 2018

The following deed transfers were recorded from June 25 through June 29 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Stanley K. Millay and Deborah J. Millay to Burkettville General Store.


Harry P. Hoblin Tr. and ICB Irrevocable Trust to Iola C. Benedict Tr. and Iola C. Benedict Revocable Living Trust.

Barton W. Emanuel and Carole L. Emanuel to Camden Chartwell LLC.

Margaret Gunther Sharp and Margaret M. Gunther to Gail Brinkley and Anthony Jenney.

Margaret Gunther Sharp and Margaret M. Gunther to Gail Brinkley and Anthony Jenney.

Jane M. MacKay to Jane Millicent MacKay Living Trust and Jane Millicent MacKay Tr.

John M. Murray and Cynthia W. Murray to Eugene K. Vellia and Terri E. Matthews.


Skye W. Maher and Phyllis Maher to John R. Maher Tr., Skye W. Maher Tr. and Maher Family Revocable Trust of 2018.


Donald R. Richards to Marie W. York.

Virginia S. Hibbard to Stephen Todd Hibbard Tr., Virginia Smith Hibbard Tr., Virginia Smith Hibbard Trust of 1994 and Stephen Todd Hibbard Trust of 1994.


William C. Hallstein, Trevor Hallstein and Eric Hallstein to Simeon Damas and Robin K. Damas.

Victoria Lambert to Arden Lambert.

Judith A. Lambert to Arden Lambert.

Arden Lambert to Victoria Lambert.

Victoria Lambert to Victoria Lambert and Theodore Julian Arnold.

Andrew Simmons and Elizabeth Simmons to Elizabeth Prescott, Harlan Prescott and Justin Overlock.


Maggie McGaw to Maggie McGaw and Brad Ellsworth.

Gregg K. Perry and Suzanne J. Guion to Tyler J. Holmes and Alicia K. Holmes.


Ronald K. Ames Est. to Weston D. Ames.

Ronald K. Ames Est., Ronald K. Ames Trust and Emily C. Ames Tr. and Weston D. Ames.

Ronald K. Ames Est., Ronald K. Ames Trust and Emily C. Ames Tr. to Weston D. Ames.

North Haven

Michael Klosson Tr., Harriet F. C. K. Dicicco, Christopher H. Klosson Tr., Charles S. C. Klosson Tr., Harriet F. C. Klosson Tr and Harriet Klosson Dicicco Tr. to Cornelia S. Worsley Newell Tr., Julia Worsley Neilson Tr., Charlotte Cheston Worsley Tr., Worsley Pulpit Harbor Trust and Cornelia Cheston Worsley Trust.

Owls Head

Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Eric Hansen and Lorraine Willever Hansen.

Samuel H. Adams to Samuel H. Adams and Becky J. Adams.


Sheila M. Edwards to John Eric Boyce.

Anthony Coyne to Anthony Coyne and Patricia Daley Coyne.

Matthew Turgeon to Matthew Turgeon and Ashlee Turgeon.

Raisa Estelle Frank and Claudia S. Sullivan to Raisa Estelle Frank Tr. and Raisa Estelle Frank Revocable Living Trust.

Linda L. Spear to Ralph P. Stuart.

Elizabeth Creelman Tr., Creelman Credit Shelter Trust and Andrew Creelman Tr. to Paul Coster.

Price Kushner to Melissa Kelly.

Melissa Kelly to Funny Farm LLC.

Vera June Hill Est. to Kenneth Richard Guthrie.


Ruth L. Allen Est to Jonathan D. Allen Tr., Elizabeth Roy Tr. and Ruth Allen Testamentary Trust.

Charles W. H. Dodge to Charles W. H. Dodge Tr. and Charles W. H. Dodge Trust.

David R. Smith and Roberta R. Smith to Francis M. Hackett and Mary Ann Hackett.

Charles E. Rounds Jr. and Sheila A. Rounds to Doris L. Bazirgan and Richard Bazirgan.

William J. Leone Tr., Gretchen G. Leone Tr., Leone Realty Trust II and Leone Real Estate Trust II to William J. Leone Tr., Gretchen G. Leone Tr. and Gretchen G. Leone Revocable Trust.

Barbara Simmons Est. to Philip P. Streat and Lorraine B. Streat.

Jeffrey T. Davis and Theresa A. Davis to Joshua D. Pease and Denise J. Pease.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Gary Grouse and Mary Crouse.

Robert A. Landry Jr. and Rachel W. Landry to Martin Rogers and Megan E. Rogers.

South Thomaston

Anne M. Canfield to Carlos Jimenez and Karen Jimenez.

Melissa Kelly to Price Kushner.

St. George

J. Dayne Lamb and Gardner N. Stratton to J. Dayne Lamb Tr., Gardner N. Stratton Tr. and Lamb Stratton Trust.

Alelaide G. Winstead Tr. and Alelaide G. Winstead 2011 Trust to Margaret A. Winski.

Louisa T. Akselsen to Caroline W. Irwin.

Lance Olivieri and Irene Hardwicke Olivieri to Blissco LLC.


Melanie Buxton and Todd A. Buxton Jr. to Bobbi J. Young and Christopher J. Young.

Travis Merrifield to Jesse Decker.

Ester M. Libby and Roland R. Libby to Daren Richardson and Sharon Richardson.


Benjamin Brodis and Amy Brodis to Lorraine E. Hall and Lonnie R. Hall.

Jennifer Lynn Packard to Troy Alexander Packard.

Troy Alexander Packard to Robert Wylie and Amy Wylie.

Michael Freyer and Ginger Freyer to Holly M. Gartmayer and Barbara A. Vittum.


Sheldon Woodcock to Flinn Robinson.

Andrew Creelman Tr., Elizabeth Creelman Tr. and Creelman Credit Shelter Trust to Lawrence A. Burdick and Paula M. Burdick.

Cynthia C. Dyer and Timothy B. Dyer to Justin W. Newton.

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