Knox County deeds

May 08, 2018

The following deed transfers were recorded from April 30 through May 4 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Courtney C. MacLachlan and Thomas W. MacLachlan to Thomas W. C. MacLachlan 2017 Trust.

Courtney C. MacLachlan to Thomas W. C. MacLachlan 2017 Trust.

Richard Edward Doherty to Richard Edward Doherty and Beverly Jean Doherty.

Kristen L. Eckmann to Alison G. Gaeth and James D. Gushee.

Knox Mill Holdings LLC to Wardmoran Properties LLC.


Elizabeth G. Wotton to Aaron J. Lash and Alelia M. Hilt Lash.

Brian Simmons to Kimberly Topaz.


Robyn Lynn Pendleton, Robyn L. Esancy and Jacob D. Esancy to Coastal Mountains Land Trust.

Arthur Henry Adolphsen Jr. and Jean Jackson Adolphsen to Glen Adolphsen and Robin H. Adolphsen.

Isle Au Haut

Evans Woollen Est. and Malcolm S. Woollen Tr. to Evans Woollen Trust.

Malcolm S. Woollen Tr. and Evans Woollen Trust to Ian Woollen and Malcolm Woollen.

Malcolm Woollen Tr., Ian Woollen Tr. and Nancy S. Woollen Trust to Malcolm Woollen and Ian Woollen.

Ian Woollen to Ian Woollen and Malcolm Woollen.

North Haven

Willard B. Taylor to Virginia Davies Taylor.

Owls Head

Clayton Leroy Fowlie III to Rachel Miller Fowlie.


Susan E. Simmons to Sarah C. Webber and Andrew C. Webber.

Raymond H. Fogarty Est to Greenstone LLC.

Greenstone LLC to Scali Holdings Inc.

Erik L. Ettlinger to Valerie Lynn Shepard and Abraham Stimson.

Susanne E. Carey to Philip L. O'Connor and Catherine M. O'Connor.

Eric M. Hansen and Lorraine L. Willever Hansen to Loren P. Bunker and Angela M. Bunker.

Hannah A. Faesy and Michaela Stone to Michaela Stone and Hannah A. Faesy.

Charlotte Cowan Sutherland and Jane Sutherland Bowker to Ketson LLC.


Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners to Daniel V. Winn and Laura E. Winn.

Daniel V. Winn and Laura E. Winn to Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Chad A. Cloutier and Kathleen Sparda Cloutier to Kathleen Sparda Cloutier.

Kolmosky 2 LLC to Rockport Center LLC.

South Thomaston

Katherine Boughton Hummel to Alan Hall and Ruth E. Rinklin.

Maxwell H. MacCoole to Maxwell H. MacCoole and Michael H. MacCoole.

St. George

Jeanne D. Rowland Revocable Inter Vivos Trust and Nancy Rowland Nahan Tr. to Nancy Rowland Nahan and John W. Rowland.

Nancy Rowland Nahan to John M. Rowland.

Janelle L. Oveson Tr. and 10 Southern Avenue Trust to Stephen B. Taylor Tr., Michele L. Taylor Tr., Stephen B. Taylor Living Trust and Michele L. Taylor Living Trust.


Raynold F. Brooks, Jean O. Brooks, Lawrence A. Brooks and Kay F. Brooks to Todd Gundlach and Lynda Gundlach.


N. John Collins to Simon S. Jack.

Joanne Cross to William C. Doherty and Joan M. Doherty.

Wayne R. Jackson and Patricia L. Jackson to Overlock Hill Farm Holdings LLC.


Matthew A. Knutson to Walter A. Szarka and Stephanie A. Szarka.

Melissa J. Reynolds and Linda D. Reynolds to Laurie Olmsted and James Olmsted.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC.


Jeremiah B. Robins to Stephen C. Melgard Tr., Mary L. Melgard Tr., Christa J. Capalby Tr., Vicotoria E. Forsman Tr., Tiffany L. Melgard Tr. and Melgard Family Trust.

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