Knox County deeds

Nov 14, 2017

The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 6 through Nov. 9 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Matthew E. Ripley and Sherry R. Ripley to Thomas C. Dickens and Elise M. Dickens.


Robin C. Guist to Marguerite Brown.

Jeanette S. Spear Est to Michael R. Pahl and Nalan B. Pahl.

Robert H. Eddy Jr. to Robert H. Eddy Jr. and Patricia P. Eddy.

Eugenia Kemble to Eugenia Kemble Tr. and Eugenia Kemble Revocable Trust.

William Cannell Boat Building Co. Inc. to Cynthia Reed Tr. and Cynthia Reed Revocable Trust.


Breakwater Realty LLC to Daniel Gillis and Zoe Gillis.

Edith C. Sevon to Alan Auclair.


Gary Ducale and Cynthia Ducale to James G. Ducale.

Eleanor C. Lang Est to Elaine Lang Cornett.


Carla Sanders and Carla O'Donnell to Mark Mansfield Hodder, Judith Allison Hodder and Ashley Jane Hodder.

Monique A. Moody, Julie Beaule, Donna A. Moody, Mary Jo Stanhope, Mary Jo Moody Willette and Daniel Talbot to Christina Q. Young.


Suzanne R. Talbot Est. to Christina Q. Young.

North Haven

Kenneth M. Gates Tr. and Seafarer Trust to Oliver Platt and Camilla Campbell.


City of Rockland to Colin Wentworth and Roberta Wentworth.

Mark R. Runius to John A. Swears and Betsey G. Swears.


Gary V. Brill and Barbara A. Brill to Forest C. Reynolds and Ellen C. Reynolds.

Priscilla Ann Leger to Harry M. Clark and Judith A. Clark.

John Schwetz and Jacqueline Defouw to John Schwetz.

Gale E. Shaefer to Wade P. Shaefer and Rowena K. Shaefer.

Mark Gumprecht and Diane Gumprecht to Wade P. Shaefer and Rowena K. Shaefer.

Felicity Doreen Davidson Est. to Anthony Charles Davidson.

Stuart G. Smith and Marianne W. Smith to Celebration Life Family Church.

South Thomaston

Mark J. Tootill and Wilma T. Tootill to Michael L. Woods.

Paul S. Jackson and Deborah I Jackson to Thomas J. Boynton and Billi Jo Robbins.

David F. Ames to David F. Ames and Michelle C. Ames.

St. George

Carlton F. Snow II to Lydia Snow Leimbach and Edward Ramsey Snow.

Elizabeth G. Ames to James N. Bucknam and Ann L. Elderkin.


Robert E. Gregory Est. to Cheryl Ann Spaulding.

Sharon E. Putansu and Sharon E. Townsend to Sharon E. Putansu and Rodney Putansu.

James E. Frankowski to Michael S. Clark.

Anita Lang Knowlton Tr., Elaine Lang Cornett Tr. and Mary M. Lang Trust to Anita Lang Knowlton and Elaine Lang Cornett.


Edward Matson, Todd Matson, William Matson and Kristin Matson to Edward W. Matson Jr.

Margaret M. Matson Est. to Todd Matson and Christy Matson.

Margaret M. Matson Est. to Edward W. Matson Jr. and Christina M. Matson.

Frederick B. O'Brien and Marie C. O'Brien to George J. Ebbinghousen and P. Jaine Jacobs.

Herbert W. Harriman to Herbert W. Harriman and Vicki Harriman.

Thomas L. Andrews to Brian Campbell.


Terrill L. Parker and Bonnie Grimala to Kelli Jo Derosiers.


Federal National Mortgage Association and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC.


Sam W. Lew and Marti W. Lew to Ronald L. Cousins and Miranda S. Cousins Sternberg.

Citimortgage Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Cynthia A. White to Benjamin B. White.

Damariscotta Bank and Trust Company and Deborah E. Lemay to Eric Kenefick.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Ditech Financial LLC Atty, Melissa Pallotta and Scott Pallotta to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Ross S. Holt III Tr. and Holt Family Camp Trust to Roger C. Cady Tr., Roger C. Cady Revocable Trust, Mary L. Cady Tr. and Mary L. Cady Revocable Trust.

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