Knox County deeds

May 12, 2017

Rockland — The following deed transfers were recorded from May 1-5 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Barbara E. Grover to Richard Derboghosian Jr. and Brooklyn M. Curry.

Amanda M. Parten to Northwoods Forestry Services LLC.


Peter Leon Sandefur Est. to Anita K. Sandefur.

James L. Schlagheck to Robert S. Gailey Jr. and Ann M. Gailey.

William Duncan Taylor Est. to Richard C. Lyon and Deborah B. Lyon.


Linda E. Beyer Tr., Henry G. Beyer Tr. and Linda E. Beyer Revocable Trust of 2005 to Spencer Charles Lynch and Katherine Hardy Lynch.


David Allan Souers, Brian Souers, Kevin Souers, Cherie Giddings and Stephanie Dickerson to David Allan Souers, Linda Dass Souers, Bethany Starr Souers, Aimee Noelle Souers and Joanna Mae Souers.


Linda E. Anderson to Christopher James Nordenson.

Isle Au Haut

Frederica George Scott and Peter Francis Scott Jr.

James Henry Scott to Peter Francis Scott Jr.

Michael Lee Scott to Peter Francis Scott Jr.

Mary M. Bruce to Peter Francis Scott Jr.


E. Vance Bunker to Brewster LLC.

Owls Head

James Henry East and Stephanie T. East to Andrew Foote.

Andrew S. Foote to Andrew S. Foote and Blake W. Foote.

David W. Mahonen and Lucille M. Mahonen to Blake W. Foote and Andrew S. Foote.

Mark Cayouette to H. Stewart Neer and Louise B. Neer.

Jose L. Cordero III to William C. Doherty and Joan M. Doherty.


William C. Nystrom Est. to Andrew Batson and Samantha R. McPadden.

Pamela J. Clark, Mark A. Nystrom and Ronda C. Long to Andrew Batson and Samantha R. McPadden.

David W. White Jr. and Gayle M. White to Jeffrey W. Clough.

Scott D. Archer and Lisa D. Archer to Albert E. McKim and Grace M. McKim.

Rachel Seitz to Michael W. Silverstein and John G. Shelley.

Hollyhill LLC to Angela Benjamin.

Philip T. Dinkins Tr., Philip T. Dinkins Revocable Trust, Edmond L. Lally Tr. and Edmond L. Lally Revocable Trust to Arthur G. Kristiansen and Diana L. Logan.

Sumner W. Kinney and Marjorie H. Kinney to OGF LLC..

Eleanor M. Richardson to Thomas A. Lytle Jr. and Kristine Lytle.

Ryan Lawrence to Jonathan Luton and Shannon Bowser.

Linda C. Grant to Rosemary Soule.

Bank of New York Mellon Tr. to Midcoast Habitat For Humanity.


Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Louis F. Silvestri and Karen E. Silvestri.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to David J. Wolstencroft and Valerie E. Wolstencroft.

Liam Jacob Jewell and Elisabeth Anne Jewell to Mark F. Jewell.

Louis F. Silvestri and Karen E. Silvestri to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Margaret A. Jameson and Lea Anne Sutton.

3 - Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association to Thomas Simms.

Jean E. Forest to Scott H. Harris and Karen Horsch.

Three Dogs Cafe LLC to Mary M. Dowling to William E. Gifford.

Adam H. Jenkins and Jean Ann Jenkins to Eric A. Simpson and Kim A. Simpson.

R. F. Don Royal and heather Royal to Judy K. Mitchell and Terry E. Moore.

Hammon Buck to Buck Holdings LLC.

South Thomaston

Elsie B. Colby Est. to Paula Jalbert and Neil Cambridge.

St. George

Patricia Locke Munger and William P. Munger and Patricia Locke Munger.

Deborah Grace and William Condon to Arlene Crane.

Sally Ward and Sally Schmertz to Leslie H. Paisley Tr. and Leslie H. Paisley Revocable Trust of 2009.

David R. Kraner and Ruth A. Kraner to David And Ruth Kraner Living Trust, David R. Kraner Tr. and Ruth A. Kraner Tr.

Elroy J. Morris Est to Douglas McLennan and Laura McLennan.


Christopher W. Fahy and Davene S. Fahy to Christopher W. Fahy, Davene S. Fahy and Benjamin W. Fahy.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC Atty and Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Tr. to Neal Shepard.

Donald M. Drake Jr. Est. to Mark Adolphsen.


Kate E. Wilkowski to Dan E. Fisher.

Sara E. Moore and Sara E. Watson to Sara E. Moore and Joel Moore.

Christopher R. Gilbert and Sarah L. Gilbert to Roland Pease and Rachele Pease.

Dan E. Fisher Tr. to Dan E. Fisher Tr., Sarah C. Fisher Tr. and Fisher Family Trust.


Lynn B. Dains to 3569 Realty LLC.

Marie Lufkin and David B. Lufkin to Teegan Marie Lufkin.

Rose A. Armstrong and Rose A. Thayer and Clayburn F. Thayer.

Clayburn F. Thayer to Clayburn F. Thayer and Jennifer L. Dennison.

D. Elaine Chandler and Walden Chandler to Susan J. Wilkes and Keith Wilkes.


Gail G. Garnett to Roy D. Garnett.

Elizabeth R. Rhodes to Elizabeth R. Rhodes, Dean R. Batlis Jr. and Rachel M. Batlis.

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