Knox County deeds

Apr 14, 2017

The following deed transfers were recorded from March 3-7 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Sarah C. Shepherd to Minor Bishop.

Ryan P. O'Neill and Amy E. O'Neill to Michael N. Travis.

Foskett Family Partnership to Joseph A. Dowd and Alisa C. Dowd.

Robert Dwight Leeper, Paul C. Leeper, James K. M. Leeper and Thomas J. Leeper to Woster Farm LLC.

Judith A. Godwin to Norman J. Bouchard and Rebecca B. Bouchard.


Brenda J. Adams to Brenda J. Adams Tr. and Brenda J. Adams Living Trust.

Brenda J. Adams to Brenda J. Adams Tr. and Brenda J. Adams Living Trust.

Brenda J. Adams to Brenda J. Adams Tr. and Brenda J. Adams Living Trust.

Sarah S. C. Payne and Brooke E. Payne to Jillian C. M. Fletcher and Russell E. Brackett.

Thelma N. Dodge Est. to Kristi A. Neidermann.

Kristi A. Neidermann to Town of Cushing.


David J. Sebesta Tr., Mary H. Sebesta Tr. and David J. Sebesta and Mary H. Sebesta Revocable Living Trust to Ashley Leann Smith and Katea L. Sebesta.

Jane St. Clair and Jane Palmer to Korinn Y. Mowrey.

Doyle R. Simmons to Joshua W. Simmons.

Isle Au Haut

Robert W. Turner Jr., Robert W. Turner and Lisa L. Turner to Barbara Ternes and Marie Ternes.

Christopher A. Myers Tr. and Myers Isle Au Haut Real Estate Trust to Cynthia J. Seay and Edwin V. Wortham.


Bank of New York Mellon Tr., Popular ABS Inc. and OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC Atty. to Melissa Demmons.

Brenda J. Adams to Brenda J. Adams Tr. and Brenda J. Adams Living Trust.

Freda M. Vose Est. and Bruce C. Vose Con. to Freda M. Vose Est.

Freda M. Vose Est. to Elizabeth McLean Tr. and Carol Smith Realty Trust.

R. Thomas Jacobs II to Andrea L. Curtis.

Tracy Camer to Alfred L. McAlister Jr.

Deanna Pelletier and Kim Lawrence to Valorous Enterprises LLC to Mile Puiia Rentals.


Nancy D. Thompson to William W. Siebert and Heather N. Siebert.

Barbara D. Craighead to James G. O'Rourke.

Donald R. Gates to Charles R. Thorp and Mary E. Thorp.

St. George

Town of St. George to Edward A. Rogers.

South Thomaston

Rolfe Gerhardt and Susan J. Gerhardt to Jeremy L. Penney and Alison R. Crawford.

Jeffrey J. Waldron and Christine Waldron to Andrew S. Cousens.

Sandra Atwood to Richard Corazzini.


Patrick W. Hood and Amanda J. Hood to Dylan T. Smith.

Erica Harriman and Erica Morton to Philip Russell Morton and Russell Morton.

Claudia Wilcox and Claudia Powers to Paul O. Powers.

Paul O. Powers to Jami L. Fowler and Zachary J. Fowler.


Federal National Mortgage Association, OCWEN Loan Servicing LLC Atty., Denise M. Frost and Denise M. Leary to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Bank of America NA and Wells Fargo Bank NA Atty. to Andrew Cavanaugh.

Andrew J. Cavanaugh to Andrew J. Cavanaugh and Deborah J. McFarland.

Ivan A. Hill and Rodney A. Hill to Denise Browning.

Selene Finance LP to Sandra Allison Wilson.

Phyllis A. Prescott to Lynn B. Dains.

Robin E. Honaker and Lavaine A. Honaker to Sean P. Kelley and Deena L. Kelley.


Gloria J. Withee and Gloria J. Hilt to Duane R. Withee and Gloria J. Withee.

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