Knox County deed transfers

Sep 10, 2018

Rockland — The following deed transfers were recorded from Aug. 31 through Sept. 7 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Heather Fay Shields to Roger E. Warn and Dale A. Warn.

John E. Hammer to George Bousum and Hillary Bousum.

Sally A. Marki to Frederick R. Marki Tr., Susan R. Marki Tr. and Marki Family Trust.

Abraham Z. Klein and Nicole R. Emery to Jeffrey B. Wolovitz and Maho Hisakawa.

Jane M. MacKay to Jane Millicent MacKay Living Trust and Jane Millicent MacKay Tr.

Robert Worthley to Deborah A. Entwistle and Jeremy E. Entwistle.

Deborah A. Entwistle and Jeremy E. Entwistle to Douglas T. Andreaus and Jacqueline N. Andreaus.


Joseph R. Smith Jr. and Susan J. Smith to David C. Cousens and Lorri Cousens.


Frederick F. Moon to MCRC LLC.

Jonathan Vickerman to Nathan Jones, Doug Jones and Jeffrey Humphrey.

Cyrus W. Holmes Jr. and Carlene I. Holmes to Matthew Douglas Baer.


Corey W. Benner, Wayne N. Benner and Diana S. Benner to Steven Cunningham and Annette Cunningham.

Nichole J. Roes to David E. Tolman II.


Sarah E. Dwelley to John H. Osgood.

Anita Sandefur and Peter Sandefur Est. to Dillon Investments LLC.

Dillon Investments LLC to Hope Natural Resources LLC.

Gwen L. Hughes Revocable Trust, Forest Ingram Hughes Tr., F. I. Hughes Tr. and Owen L. Hughes Tr. to David A. Johnson and Christine E. Johnson.

North Haven

Robert J. Holmgren and Anita E. Spertus to Owesownome Limited Partnership.

Owls Head

Ira E. Greenlaw and Sheila E. Greenlaw to Leslie O. Harvey and Lynda G. Harvey.

Jeffrey T. Weatherbee Tr. and Byron L. Weatherbee Family Trust to W. David Speidel and Jill McNeilly.

William C. Doherty and Joan M. Doherty to William C. Doherty Joan M. Doherty.

Megan J. Stilwell to Jill McNeilly and W. David Speidel.

Pell Island

Katharine Bowdoin Barthelme Tr., John F. Fort III Tr., Katharine Bowdoin Bartheleme Testamentary Trust and Katherine Bowdoin Barthelme Tr. to Katharine Bowdoin Barthelme and Katherine Bowdoin Barthelme.

Elizabeth D. Schwartz, Frances K. Butler, Katharine Bowdoin Barthelme and Katherine Bowdoin Barthelme to Maine Coast Heritage Trust.


Robert N. Emery Jr. to Bobbi J. Young and Bobbi Emery Starr.

Jennifer A. Small and Jennifer Raudonis to John David Nutt and Suzanne M. Nutt.

Gilbert F. Lane Sr. to Gilbert F. Lane Sr. and Gilbert F. Lane Jr.

Joseph J. Castiglione to Susan Marie Clarke.

Maine State Housing Authority to Sally A. Black and James C. Black.

Broad Cove Realty Investors LLC to Fowlie Holding LLC.


Maurice E. Moroze to Maurice E. Moroze.

T. and T. Holdings LLC to Scott Walker and Kristina Walker.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Peter Murray and Bernadette Murray Lehouillier.

Donald P. Brown and Robin H. Brown to Richard Eickholt and Valerie Eickholt.

Rodney L. Painter and D. Kathleen Painter to Nancy C. Barnwell Tr. and Caldwell Family Trust.

Karen McCormick and Karen Blackwell to Gregory Blackwell.

Gregory Blackwell to Karen McCormick and Karen Blackwell.

South Thomaston

Nathaniel C. Cousens and Anne W. Cousens to Anne W. Cousens, David C. Cousens and Nathaniel C. Cousens.

Steven C. Bacon and Diane M. Bacon to Robert Surabian and Betty Jane Surabian.

St. George

Nick A. McLeod Tr., Richard L. Currier Tr. and Mesa Realty Trust to Elaine Shah Tr., Steven Sack Tr. and Ethel Gerakaris Irrevocable Trust.

Valerie P. Yates to Valerie P. Yates Tr. and Valerie P. Yates Living Trust.

Janet A. Shea to Pasquale LaPomarda III and Shawn Elise LaPomarda.


Aimee Billings to Mid Coast Habitat For Humanity Inc.


Jean L. Leavitt Living Trust and Jean L. Leavitt Tr. to Joseph L. Pelkey and Rebecca D. Pelkey.

Robert Rasmussen and Robert A. Rasmussen to Dawn M. Rasmussen.

Claude A. Harris to Claude A. Harris and Cynthia L. Harris.


Barbara Santa Coloma Est. to Erik N. Bender and Oliver Bradley Bender.

Heather A. Small to Deborah L. Heffernan and Dennis P. Heffernan.


Jonathan E. Crane and Erica M. Crane to Russell O'Bryan and Arlene Brokaw.

Carolyn J. Pease to Thomas E. Burgess.

Edwin Greenrose and Carmine Greenrose to Brendan G. Dyer.


Brent E. Sadler and Alyssa M. Sadler to Travis L. Perez and Angela R. Stevens.

Wilfred G. Dommermuth Tr., Patricia Ann Dommermuth Tr. and Wilfred G. and Patricia Ann Dommermuth Trust to Yuki Goseki and Joshua D. Fratoni.

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