Knox County backs ranked-choice voting

By Stephen Betts | Jun 12, 2018
Photo by: Stephen Betts Rockland voters were among the communities supporting keeping ranked-choice voting.

Ranked choice voting will remain the law of the state

Fifteen Knox County municipalities had reported results by Wednesday morning. The vote total for those communities combined show 5,623 in support of keeping the voting system and 3,855 opposed.

Statewide, voters also strongly endorsed keeping the voting method.

The referendum was prompted by a People's Veto petition drive after the Maine Legislature sought to delay ranked choice voting that had received voter approval in a November 2016 referendum.

Tuesday's primary was the first use of ranked-choice voting in statewide races in Maine.

Ranked choice voting was supported in most Knox County towns. There was decisive opposition in Warren, the home town of Republican Rep. Paula Sutton who fought ranked choice voting. Sutton taped a message for robocalls that argued that the law was unconstitutional and would make it much harder for the elderly to vote.

The following are the results from the communities,

Camden 1,344 yes, 546 no.

Cushing 160 yes, 168 no.

Friendship 123 yes, 151 no.

Hope 289 yes, 214 no

Matinicus 15 yes, 2 no.

Owls Head 231 yes, 175 no.

Rockland 849 yes, 492 no.

Rockport 548 yes, 340 no.

St. George 436 yes, 318 no.

South Thomaston 208 yes, 133 no.

Thomaston 338 yes, 278 no.

Union 313 yes, 315 no.

Vinalhaven 237 yes, 136 no.

Warren 339 yes, 396 no.

Washington 183 yes, 191 no.

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