Kiwanis Club of Rockland Meeting Minutes, Monday, October 9, 2017


Kiwanis Club of Rockland Meeting Minutes, 10/09/2017

President Josh Scholz called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Batty, Jr. offered our invocation. Guests were Kurt Lidenroth and Samantha Herring from Aktion Club.

Committee Reports
There was another hang-up with lunch today, and President Josh thanked Marcia Whitten for her patience and diligence in picking up our meal every week.
Dues are due, and a regular member pays $125. The family discount for households with multiple members is still in effect.
The committee sign up sheets went around again.
There will be a Kiwanis social mixer at Rock Harbor Brewery (not the restaurant) on Friday evening 10/27. This does not effect our regular evening meeting held on the last Monday of every month. On October 30th we'll have an evening meeting at Gerry Zwick's house on 21 Knox St. in Thomaston.
The Aktion Club is having karaoke and a Halloween dance on Friday the 13th at the American Legion. The club also reported they enjoyed the ukele group with Gordon Page.
The Oceanside Key Club has been working at fall fairs at the local schools, and they'll be helping with a dance soon. A new member induction is planned for Oct. 25th, but it's not finalized yet. They have about 20 new members.
Meals on Wheels: No openings until November 14th. Keith and Marcy Wass deliver tomorrow. Marcia Whitten would really like a partner with her on 10/24.

Recognition of Members
It was noted that Gordon Page found Jane Thompson's 50/50 ticket on the floor. He returned it, and was praised for being an all around great guy, as talented as he is handsome. Smart too.
Secret Greeter: Keith Wass forgot to appoint someone last week, and he was late to today's meeting, so he gave everyone a pass. He appointed Mark Curtis to be greeter next week.
Badges: All OK.
50/50: Gerry Zwick had the lucky ticket. He donated his winnings to the pot, almost doubling what was there.
President Josh asked people to continue using the #rocklandkiwanis5 hashtag. Some members were not familiar with what it was, so President Josh gave a quick tutorial.

Sumner Kinney was happy for our new president, happy for the Red Sox, and happy for a new truck. Jackie Harjula was happy for the installation in Augusta, happy for a steel drum gig that went great, sad for a steel drum gig that was canceled due to rain, happy for the Aktion Club, and happy for the finance committee. Bob Brown was happy for the new officers, and happy for the Augusta installation. Sam Herring was happy for Gordon Page and Ukes Rock, and happy to invite us to the Aktion Club installation at their first meeting in November. Gerry Zwick was happy for his weekend, happy for the new president, happy for hosting the evening meeting this month, and happy for excellent service at Stanley Subaru. Doc Lombardi was happy for Josh and the new officers, and happy for a safe trip back from Bethlehem PA. Gordon Page was happy for excellent service from Julia Batty at The Landings, and happy for the Aktion Club and how it's changed Samantha Herring into quite a public speaker. Keith Wass was happy for the installation banquet, happy for the Red Sox, and happy for his golf team. Greg Hamlin was happy for the new officers. Jane Thompson was sad she forgot to pay her tab last week. Bill Batty, Jr. was happy that as of today, he's read every invocation from the Kiwanis sanctioned book.

From your Spiritual Aims Committee: “Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.” 
~Tom Krause
Respectfully submitted,

Bill Batty, Jr., Club Secretary & Bulletin Editor

Come join us any Monday for the fun and fellowship of Kiwanis. We meet at noon for about 75 minutes; and on the last Monday of the month we meet at 6:00 PM, with a social period beginning at 5:30. Our meetings are held at the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. Be sure to check in advance to confirm the meeting venue.  We'd love to see you.

Proper names are not found in spell-check programs. If we misspell your name, please forward to us the correct spelling, and accept our humble apologies. These minutes have been approved by the Newsletter Committee.

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