Kiwanis Club of Rockland Meeting Minutes, Monday, November 6, 2017

Rockland Kiwanis Meeting Minutes, 11/06/2017

President Josh Scholz opened the meeting and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Bill Batty, Jr. offered our invocation. Speaker Doug Kennedy was our only guest.

Committee Reports
We received thank-you letters from Herring Gut Learning Center, the Coastal Children's Museum, and MCI for our Meals on Wheels work.
The Jingle Bell Jog will take place on 12/2, and will be held in conjunction with the Coastal Children's Museum.
The food wagon will be in this year's Parade of Lights on November 25th. Stay tuned for more details.
In March of next year, we've been asked to help with the James Bond event at the Strand Theater. We've been asked to help with childcare/supervision. President Josh will contact the Key Club and see if they would like to help too.
Meals on Wheels: Jackie Harjula and Bob Brown deliver tomorrow. The next opening is on 11/14.
Dan Saucier reports Christmas tree delivery will be Saturday, November 25th. There was some concern that the tree unloading and Parade of Lights decoration might spread us thin on the same day, but Amy Shepard reported that the parade prep might happen the day before, and shouldn't interfere at all.
There is a RIF distribution on 11/17 at South School at 9AM. Dan Saucier, Kelly Saunders, Josh Scholz, and maybe some Key Clubbers plan on attending. There will be two other distributions this year, at Little Learners and the Rockland Head Start.
The Aktion Club installation was last week and had 6 Kiwanians present.
On 11/16 there will be a social meeting at 5:30pm at the Lighthouse Museum, a mystery adventure called “Who Stole Tom Turkey.” If you'd be willing to be an actor in this adventure, see Amy Shepard.
The NE District convention is the 18-19th in N. Conway. Josh Schols, Amy Shepard, Bob Brown, and Jackie Harjula plan on attending.

Recognition of Members
Birthdays: The Lovely Mrs. Kinney celebrates her birthday today.
Secret Greeter: Amy Shepard forgot she was supposed to do it.
Badges: All ok.
Bill Batty, Jr. was awarded a red jacket. The club donated $1000 in Bill's name to the Kiwanis Foundation of New England. He was given the award at the annual meeting, but the jacket arrived today.
50/50: Jackie Harjula had the right number, but didn't draw the Joker.

Sumner Kinney was happy for a birthday celebration with family. Jackie Harjula was sad her cell phone rang, happy for the Aktion Club, happy for Bill Batty, Jr. speaking at Aktion Club, happy for Janet Page leading the Aktion Club installation, happy for a Finish concert, happy for a grange installation, and happy for a church bazaar. Bob Brown was happy to have power back. Marjorie Kinney was happy for her birthday, and happy for gardening. Tom Luttrell was happy to have power. Doc Lombardi was happy for power. Amy Shepard was happy she never lost power, but sad her mom did. Gordon Page was happy he only lost power for 5 minutes, but sad Russ Wolfertz ran his generator for 5 nights on the road behind him. Jackie Harjula was happy for Bob Brown's power too because now she won't have to hear him complain! Josh Scholz was happy for our speaker, happy for Bill's jacket, and happy for all the stuff going on in November. Bill Batty, Jr. was happy for our speaker, and happy to be playing the Medomak High School musical.

Guest Speaker
Doug Kennedy is the Correctional Educational Programs Coordinator at the Maine State Prison. Maine has one of the highest percentages of incarcerated population per capita. The prison has 4 instructors on staff, with about 40 inmates taking college classes. Last year they had 30 inmates get GEDs, and they hope to double it this year. Average recidivism rate is 50%-60%. The recidivism rate for those in the college programs is 0%.

From your Spiritual Aims committee: “...get your education. Then nobody can control your destiny.”
~Charles Barkley

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Batty, Jr., Club Secretary & Bulletin Editor

Come join us any Monday for the fun and fellowship of Kiwanis. We meet at noon for about 75 minutes; and on the last Monday of the month we meet at 6:00 PM, with a social period beginning at 5:30. Our meetings are held at the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. Be sure to check in advance to confirm the meeting venue.  We'd love to see you.

Proper names are not found in spell-check programs. If we misspell your name, please forward to us the correct spelling, and accept our humble apologies. These minutes have been approved by the Newsletter Committee.

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