Kiwanis Club of Rockland Meeting Minutes, Monday, November 20, 2017

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November 20th 2017

Rockland Kiwanis Club Meeting Minutes, 11/20/2017

President Josh Scholz called the meeting to order and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. James Heavey offered our invocation. There were no guests, but it was great to have Barbara Hanson back with us.

Committee Reports
Meals on Wheels: Corey Belcher and her husband Paul will deliver tomorrow. Gordon Page and Sumner Kinney will deliver on the 28th.
The Kiwanis fall training conference went well. Janet and Gordon Page, Bob Brown and Jackie Harjula, and Josh Scholz and Olivia went.
Reading is Fundemental: Dan Saucier, Kelly Webber, and Josh—along with a member of Key Club—were at the distribution at South School. Two more distributions are planned.
Kelly Webber has also organized another “sensory friendly” movie. The Strand will present “Home Alone” on December 9th at 12:30 and 3pm. A “sensory friendly” movie is described as lights up, sound down, and chatter allowed. For families with autistic children, it’s a welcome environment.
Christmas tree unloading is this Saturday at 9am. There can’t be too much help. Tree sales will start the following Monday. During the week, especially at the beginning of sales, only one person will be needed per shift. Later on, and especially on weekends, having two people sell would be preferred.
Float decoration for the Parade of Lights will be this Wednesday at 5:15pm at Shepard’s. Parade walkers are needed too; those participants should assemble at the public landing at 5:30pm Saturday.
There will be a Kiwanis social hour on Wednesday 12/20 at The Waterworks restaurant at 5:30pm. It will feature ugly sweaters and a “swanky swap.”
The Aktion Club also meets on 12/20. They’ll be doing some Christmas caroling, and would like to ask other Kiwanians to join them. They will also be bell ringing for the Salvation Army, on a date different than our date.
Speaking of, we’ll be ringing the bells for the Salvation Army on Saturday 12/16 from 10am-7pm. There are still a couple of shifts available.
Next week is our evening meeting. There has yet to be a volunteer, so it will be held here. It’s potluck.
The Jingle Bell Jog is on 12/2, and volunteers and cookie makers are needed.
Priority 1 is having a meeting on 11/18 at 7:30am at Rock City Coffee.
The Tom Turkey evening social time was a big success.

Recognition of Members
Birthdays: Marcia Whitten
Secret Greeter: Sumner Kinney in his best effort to help our administrative fund, didn’t shake hands with Amy Shepard, Doc Lombardi, Ray Comeay, Bob Brown, and Bill Batty, Jr.
Badges: Amy Shepard
50/50: Bob Brown cut the 8, which he declined.

Jane Merrill was a little sad she and Rob would be spending Thanksgiving without any other family, and happy daughter Erika was going to Spain. Bob Brown was sad he tried to shake the secret greeter’s hand but was rebuffed, happy for the convention, happy for junior member Olivia, and happy for Sumner Kinney’s acting as the turkey thief. James Heavey was happy to be back from traveling, and happy daughter Katie was looking at colleges. Barbara Hanson was happy to have no more pain. Gerry Zwick was happy for Barbara Hanson’s return, happy for veterans’ day, and happy for Sumner Kinney in the paper. Jackie Harjula was happy for the turkey meeting, happy for the conference, and happy for the Thomaston “random acts of kindness” gig. Sumner Kinney was happy for the turkey meeting, happy for the RIF distribution, happy for Jackie Harjula’s gig, and happy Barbara Hanson was back. Ray Comeau was sad to not shake the secret greeter’s hand, happy for being retired 15 years, happy to be married 50 years, and happy his grandson joined Key Club. Amy Shepard was happy for the turkey event, happy for Rock Harbor supporting the Shepard Scholarship, and happy for so much going on. Jackie Harjula was happy to explain her Zeller and Past Lt. Governor pins. Marcia Whitten was happy for her trip to TX, and happy for the Safe Sitter course. President Josh was happy for Barbara Hanson, happy for the fall conference, and happy for so much going on. Bill Batty, Jr. reminded everyone that all the fines levied at club meetings are done in good fun, and no one should ever feel intimidated or embarrassed to give.

Speaker: Due to a scheduling issue, there was no speaker today.

From your Spiritual Aims committee: “Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.”
~Andre Malraux

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Batty, Jr., Club Secretary & Bulletin Editor

Come join us any Monday for the fun and fellowship of Kiwanis. We meet at noon for about 75 minutes; and on the last Monday of the month we meet at 6:00 PM, with a social period beginning at 5:30. Our meetings are held at the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. Be sure to check in advance to confirm the meeting venue.  We'd love to see you.

Proper names are not found in spell-check programs. If we misspell your name, please forward to us the correct spelling, and accept our humble apologies. These minutes have been approved by the Newsletter Committee.

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