Kiwanis Club of Rockland Meeting Minutes, Monday, February 26, 2018

February 26, 2018

President Josh Scholz called our month end meeting to order at host Marcia Whitten's house. Guests included Mimi Zwick, Susan Gerry, Kevin Taylor, Stan Hanson, Madelyne Pease, Olivia Scholz, and Sandy Moore.

Committee Reports
We need a host for our March evening meeting.
There was a Safe Sitter class with about 9 girls in it. The six hour class is geared for kids aged at least 12, though sometimes a mature 11 year old can handle it.
Marcia reported the Special Olympics bowling score keepers had a good time.
The Aktion club met Wednesday to make St. Patrick's Day favors.
Oceanside Key Club has nine students going to the District Convention in April in Springfield MA. The International Convention is in Chicago in July, and some students are interested in that too—less than $1000 includes the trip with flight! As a reminder, their club meets Mondays at 2pm.

Recognition of Members
Secret Greeter: No one.

Marcia Whitten was happy for Special Olympics bowling, and happy her son got a patent. Jackie Harjula was happy for Special Olympics bowling, happy for our guests, sad Robert Brown was having his surgery, and happy to be here. Jane Thompson was happy for the Unify basketball team. Olivia was happy for her nature book, and happy for her dance—even though she forgot her stick. Madelyne was happy for her best friend.

From your Spiritual Aims committee: “A true friend is someone who says nice things behind your back.”
~Author unknown
Respectfully submitted,

Bill Batty, Jr., Club Secretary & Bulletin Editor

Come join us any Monday for the fun and fellowship of Kiwanis. We meet at noon for about 75 minutes; and on the last Monday of the month we meet at 6:00 PM, with a social period beginning at 5:30. Our meetings are held at the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland. Be sure to check in advance to confirm the meeting venue.  We'd love to see you.

Proper names are not found in spell-check programs. If we misspell your name, please forward to us the correct spelling, and accept our humble apologies. These minutes have been approved by the Newsletter Committee.

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