Kittens from Florida among the many pets seeking homes

Oct 10, 2017
Romeo is a lover of a cat; he's waiting for a lap of his own.

This just in from storm-battered Florida: kitties! These adorable fur babies lost everything amid the ravages of the recent hurricanes, and while we can't give them back the family they knew, we are embracing them with love and care until we can find them a new family to call their own. But of course, they’re not the only adoptable pets eagerly waiting to meet you at P.A.W.S.

Romeo is not from Florida, but finding a loving, permanent home for him would allow us to accept one more needy feline from Dixie. Romeo, you’ll find, lives up to his name. He’s incredibly handsome, with his long, gray-and-white coat. And he’s a lover — affectionate, easygoing, and a friend to all the other kitties with whom he shares a room at the shelter. This magnificent boy richly deserves a family to call his own, and, unlike many more persnickety felines, he’d even be happy to share your attention with another cat (or two).

We’re also trying to free up space at the shelter to take in more dogs from our overloaded partners in animal rescue in the South and Southwest. We’re quite sure that Rebel, for one, would gladly give up his spot with us if it meant he could go to a new family. Rebel is a mix between a husky and something blond (maybe a yellow Lab?). He has a calm, good-natured, Lab-like temperament and is known to have lived well in a household with children; the husky side comes out whenever anything small and furry darts by. That includes squirrels and chipmunks, yes, but also cats and even smaller, more dominant male dogs. He also has a tendency to wander. So the ideal home for Rebel would be one with a fenced yard, a leash at every door, and no other pets to trigger his instinct to chase.

These days, we’re working harder than ever, caring not only for pets in need in our local communities, but also for those traumatized by floods and hurricanes in regions far from Maine. We can't do it alone. Financial contributions of all sizes are particularly welcome during this challenging time; simply go to our website,, and click on “Donate.” Or you can drop off a check or cash at our location on John Street in Camden during business hours, Tuesday trough Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Donations such as cat litter, pet food, and bleach and other cleaning supplies are also urgently needed and may be dropped off in the vestibule at our entrance anytime, even after hours. We’re deeply grateful for your support.

Rebel is a husky mix who likes plenty of exercise.
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