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Kitten season brings need for foster homes

Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County
Jun 09, 2018
Courtesy of: Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County The shelter has kittens, aplenty and seeks foster homes to help care for them.

We all know that April showers bring May flowers. But, do you know what May flowers bring? Apparently, kittens. Kitten season is upon us and has started in abundance. Just the other day, we received eight orphaned kittens from three different locations. Without mothers to nurse and care for them, we rely heavily on staff and foster homes to get them through this most vulnerable time.

The next day, we received another mom with a litter. The floodgates are open and we are looking for foster homes to help us care for the deluge of kittens sure to be coming our way. We need help with the care of pregnant cats and new moms with their newborn litters, to provide them with a safe, comfortable and stress-free place to birth and care for their young.

We also receive litters that are no longer nursing but are still not old enough to be adopted. They need a foster home to help socialize them and give them plenty of love and play time while they grown big and strong. Then we have the little itty-bitties - the ones that need to be bottle-fed every three hours. A huge time commitment for sure, but highly rewarding. If you are interested in this crucial and gratifying volunteer experience, contact Kelly or Denise at 594-2200. To learn more about volunteering in general, join us at our next volunteer orientation, Saturday, June 9 at 11 a.m. in the shelter's community room. Volunteers make what we do possible.

Can't foster but want to help? We can use donations of milk replacement formula, nursing bottles, kitty litter, toys and kitten chow. And, when the kittens are ready, we'll also need loving, permanent homes for them all. Thank you for your support.

We have also been overrun with bugs -- Boston terrier/pug crosses, that is, with some puggles in the mix for good measure. We received 15 pug mixes through the state of Maine's Animal Welfare Program, from a home overwhelmed with dogs. We're happy to help out, but we need your help, too. We could use canned dog food, canned pumpkin and Odoban or Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner (Lemon Verbena or Lavender). And, eventually, all 15 dogs will have to be spayed or neutered, so financial donations toward their surgeries would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Wish list: trash bags (13-gallon 30-gallon) kitten milk replacement formula, peanut butter (a great frozen treat for the dogs), Temptations cat treats (they're crazy for them), toilet paper, Zip-loc bags (gallon), sponges, wet dog food, wet cat food (poultry pate style), and gift certificates to Walmart, Staples, Amazon and other local businesses. Thanks for your support.

There are also many pug mixes at the shelter who, while not ready to go home yet, will soon need families of their own. (Courtesy of: Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County)
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