My friend and Apostolic / prophetic entrepreneur, Steve Ball, from the great State of Washington and I, have teamed up to conduct the Kingdom Life in Business at L.I.F.E. Ministries in Rockland Maine November 9th-11.

Already I am getting downloads from heaven for this milestone event. The grace is present to break the Spirit of poverty- whether it is spiritual, financial, relational, in business, politics or physical, God has an inheritance for His people. The fullness of that which is ours in Christ is about to be restored to God’s people, and they shall prosper.

The last day of the event takes place on Saturday, Nov. 11th, (11-11), Veterans Day. I am getting a glimpse of God’s heart for this as well. The number 11:11 often refers to God moving on behalf of His people (Isaiah 11:11) to redeem, recover and restore their inheritance, which is the Promised Land (Deut. 11:11).

For more information, see the “EVENT” section at KLIB’s website at

In His heart with love – Roy Roden

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