Kerosene, vitamins and loons

By Louis Bettcher | Mar 05, 2017

A search through The Camden Herald archives revealed the following:

One year ago, 2016

The Maine State Prison has revised its discipline policy, now allowing inmates to correspond with pen pals, write under a byline, and not be punished for self-inflicted injury, according to a media release from the Department of Corrections.

Celebrations galore began Feb. 25 and ran through the weekend as the town marked its 125th birthday. Rockport officially separated from Camden Feb. 25, 1891 to become its own town.

An official ceremony recognizing the Maine Legislative Act that split Camden into two towns took place Feb. 25 at the Rockport Opera House, with guest speakers, a slide show, and music with the Midcoast Brass Quintet. Feb. 26, the town elder's took center stage and the approximately three-hour conversation covered the last 100 years of the town.

Five years ago, 2012

A Washington man who police said used his 6-month-old infant son as a shield to prevent from being taken into custody by a Knox County Sheriff's Office deputy pleaded guilty to all five charges against him in return for a deferred sentence. The man was using bath salts at the time, police had said.

10 years ago, 2007

Some 60 screw-studded tires screaming across South Pond on Feb. 25 gave "crushed ice" new meaning. That was the Sunday the New Meadows Ice Racing Association held one of its weekly sprint races on the Warren pond. Clouds of snow and ice filled the air when 15 small to medium-size cars reached speeds up to 118 mph along a 1.8-mile course with 11 tricky turns.

Once the ice takes its toll from countless 1-inch sheet metal screws drilled into tires from the inside out, the race cars can't go quite as fast, he said, noting they slowed to 90 to 100 mph.

The New Meadows Ice Racing Association has been around since 1959, initially racing on nearly all of Maine's ponds and lakes. Over the years, however, the number of venues has dried up. The reason: a growing number of residents with concerns about pollution and noise.

25 years ago, 1992

Operating on the theory that towns that work together can provide better services more successfully, Camden selectmen gave the go-ahead Monday night to continued talks between Camden and Rockport about the possibility of the Camden police department providing some dispatch services for its Rockport counterpart.

Under the proposal Camden would provide dispatching for Rockport police on the third, or midnight to 8 a.m. shift, which is now covered for Rockport by the Knox County Sheriff's Office. While the present arrangement is satisfactory, Camden could provide better walk-in service and in many parts of Rockport, the 911 emergency number rings into the Camden police station.

50 years ago, 1967

A loon recuperated at the Rockport home of Ralph and Hazel Marston. Ralph found the bird coated with ice and half frozen on the beach in front of his Beauchamp Point home. The loon was put in a cage in the basement and thawed out.

He appeared to be quite tame and consumed several pounds of fish during his visit. Hazel says that he never gave voice to the blood-curdling screeches common to the loon. Sunday Ralph took the loon to the beach for a swim and it swam away. The Marstons dubbed their guest "Looney."

"Is Paris Burning?" starring Kirk Douglas and Leslie Caron premiered at the Strand in Rockland, and a quart of Miracle Whip salad dressing is on sale at the IGA for 39 cents.

75 years ago, 1942

Vitamins for defense: Cook electrically! Each day vitamins are given a more important part in guarding the health of your family and the nation. Are you wasting them with old-fashioned cooking methods and old-fashioned equipment? The trend today is definitely to electric cookery for the simple reason that you can save these precious elements.

Arm your family with their full quota of health-building vitamins. Switch to clean, safe, modern electric cooking now. We can still show you a rather complete line of the most modern electric ranges. (Advertisement by Central Maine Power Company)

100 years ago, 1917

Several magazines have recently been taken from the reading table in the public library. It is against the rules for these magazines to be taken away, and as it has happened several times, the trustees feel that it must be stopped and will take whatever action is necessary to prevent it in the future.

Irons wiped on a cloth dampened with kerosene will not scorch clothes. Kerosene used to moisten stove polish makes stoves look like new. To clean a burned pan, dip a hard crust of bread in kitchen salt and rub the burned portion, then wash in hot soda and water.

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