Keeping the teens busy during summer break

By Ivan Serrano | Jul 10, 2018

Ontario — Parents with teens are often hard pressed to find ways to keep their teen children busy and out of trouble during the holiday. If you’re not sending them off to summer camp and are still looking for ways to keep them engaged, here is a list of things you can try out before the holiday ends. Remember, these are only suggestions; you can tailor them to suit your needs and your teen's tastes.

You can start by planning an itinerary for them factoring in all waking moments of their break. That means planning in advance and even saving up to finance whatever you come up with. You can plan trips to see various relatives or education sites where they can have fun and still feed their young minds. You could also plan a family trip and get away from a while for a rejuvenation stint.

You can foster an entrepreneurial spirit by helping them set up a business they can run for the summer. There are plenty of options; you could help them market their lawn mooring business, a car wash, groceries deliveries, babysitting, home sitting only to mention a few. It will help put cash in their pockets and teach them a thing or two about running a business, small business dedications as you take back your capital, being professional and perhaps evens saving.

If you enjoy hosting, you can consider having parties at your house for your teens. While that could potentially cause some trouble, you need to be vigilant and perhaps have a conversation with them well in advance as to the type of behavior they should uphold and what would get them into trouble.

Shopping is another way to keep your kids engaged. Again, this circles back to having money set aside to do just that. You can look out for sales if you’re looking to have good deals on clothing items, shoes, gadgets and anything they might be able to get. That will get them excited for the next school year as they will be keen to show off what their parents got them.

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