June 5: 6-9 p.m. Film/Discussion of The Shoes of the Fisherman starring Anthony Quinn. St. Peter's Episcopal Church 11 White St., Rockland between Rec Center and Library.  Free admission.

St. Peter's Episcopal Church
11 White St, Rockland (Adjacent to Rec Center Parking Lot)
Mary Alice Bird
Jun 05, 2013
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

6 p.m. Wed. June 5 at St. Peter’s Church, 11 White Street (between the Rec Center and Public Library). Free admission. Bring bag supper or snacks, coffee provided. The Shoes of the Fisherman is based on the novel by Morris West and set during the height of the Cold Warm.


Kiril Pavlovich Lakota (Anthony Quinn), freed after twenty years in a Siberian camp by his former jailor and now premier of the Soviet Union (Laurence Olivier), by a strange twist of fate finds himself elected Pope in the midst of a pending nuclear crisis involving Russian, The United States and China. Realizing that if the crisis continues, the cost would be a war that could ultimately rip the world apart, he seeks to convince the West and the Catholic Church to open up their resources to aid.


A secondary plot involves the Pope’s relationship with the theologian and scientist, Father Telemond (Oskar Werner), based on real-life theologian Teilhard de Chardin. To Kiril’s deep regret and grief, in his official capacity, he must allow the Holy Office to censure Telemond for his heterodox views. The shock of the censure contributes to the death of Father Telemond.


Kiril places great stock in the power of words and makes a memorable speech to that effect during a private summit with world leaders. This resonates with Pope John Paul II’s faith in the spoken word, and whose words helped launch Polish Solidarity and bring down the Soviet Union.


The film raises considerations about the role of faith in shaping politics and the loneliness and difficulty of a Pope who “walks alone in the shoes of the fisherman." It also explores obedience and submission to spiritual authority despite disagreements or objections, whether it is the heterodox Fr. Telemond or the hardline Cardinal Leone (Leo McKern).