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Supporting Your Business Need


I like to start the conversation with any prospective advertiser by identifying the business need. Is it a year-round or seasonal business? Do you have a pressing short-term situation such as reducing inventory, generating cash-flow, or even a new product introduction? Maybe you're simply trying to build brand awareness as you launch a new business or strive to gain market share from your nearest competitor.


From there, we can hone your strategy and determine your message with each piece of your marketing. This step is about asking yourself, How do my customers think about my business and my products or services? What are they seeing and hearing? How does it benefit them? A big part of the challenge is to see your business through their eyes... not yours.


From there, it's about reaching prospective customers with your message in the most efficient means possible. And that's where I can really help.


Call me and let's get started: 207-446-5873. Or via email:


John Viehman is vice president of sales and marketing for VillageSoup/Courier Publications LLC.