James Holtzhauer the game show "Jeopardy " winner that we're all rooting for.

May 09, 2019

I couldn’t help myself.

I had to find out somehow, someway when was the now famous James Holtzhauer’s birthday?  I wanted to study his birth chart to find why is he so smart, so talented, and now so incredibly wealthy? My guess was that he has a “photographic memory mind.”

I understand that the game show, ”Jeopardy,” now has very high ratings. All the people I come in contact with know about James’ fabulous winnings  and we , the people, are excited for him, we’re his “pep club!”

I would never imagine I could be on that show. When I was in my early 20’s and already divorced with a baby, I was trying to figure out how to earn money and still have plenty of time at home for my son, the Sun of my life. So, I got an interview in New York City to be on a game show,  and I took  a test. Let me tell you, that test was hard. I failed it, and that punctured my dream of winning lots of  money on a game show to support my son as a single Mom with no support from the ex. Well, I tried. Meanwhile I was washing windows in my parents’ home to earn money, not much.

Back to James and the reason I am writing this article.

I found out that James Holtzhauer, our game show winner hero , was born in Naperville Illinois July 1, 1984. Anyone out there also born on that day? His Dad did say in an interview that when James was 2 years old  he already showed talents beyond a 2 year old’s natural tendency, James was already noted as a child prodigy, his Dad said . His Dad went on to say that when James was 3 years old he could read and do math! Friends have commented that James is kind, sweet, generous and unpretentious.

Here’s what I found from his Astrology chart. Ok, first of all I need to say that I do not know his birth time which needed, within 4 minutes for an accurate in depth reading. Here goes: James was born with the Sun in Cancer conjunct (close mathematically) to Venus and Mercury, and those planets are in a VERY positive aspect (mathematical relationship) with his natal position of  Mars and Saturn in Scorpio. You don’t need to understand Astrology just read what I’ve written next…This translates to mean that James is kind, a family person, sweet, loving, affectionate and indeed very focused and has excellent concentration. He is stable emotionally, which shows because he is not jumping up and down like I would be if I had won over a million dollars!  His Sun/Mercury/Venus in Cancer are all opposite Jupiter in Capricorn which brings about an incredibly adventurous life filled with interesting surprises. There’s also a tendency with this particular aspect to go to extremes and set high expectations. Also, he was born when the Moon was in Leo in a fine aspect to Uranus which means he is very intuitive and enjoys taking risks. He also enjoys being in the limelight.

His chart also shows that he could be even “luckier” between November 22 until January 13, 2020. Who knows if he’s still on TV then? Jupiter in the heavens will be in a very positive aspect to his chart then. We’ll want to know what he’s up to if he’s not on TV then. I’ll “bet” he’s going to be very generous and gift money to charities that he is fond of. I see him (with his wife) traveling far and wide, due to his Sun/Mercury/Venus opposite Jupiter at birth. We’ll see.

I also have written about George Clooney and his humanitarian attorney wife, Amal, being a powerful team for humanity and that has proven to be true! I do not believe the magazines that say they will divorce. That does not fit with my analysis of their astrology charts. They have set up a foundation that gives money generously to causes that are honoring human rights and  I like that about them.

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